Patrice Bäumel

Mike Tyson

Catalogusnummer: TRW5
Release datum: 28-06-2011

Trouw, Amsterdam’s premier club venue, continues its run of remarkable, one-of-a-kind releases.

After exploring the deeper aspects of techno with his debut album “Vapour“, Patrice Bäumel pulls out all the stops on Trouw’s latest release. Hearing “Mike Tyson” on a good club system is a physical experience, a track that packs an excessive amount of punch and sonic characteristics that – much like Bäumel’s biggest hit to date, “Roar” – cannot be ignored. Very much primetime material.

“The Threat” is a different sort of animal. It is a heaving, angry and dark piece of bass music dominated by haunting vocoder sounds and snares like whiplashes.

Max Cooper does what he does best on his remix for “Mike Tyson” – adding a bit of Blade Runner-esque melancholy plus a dose of magic stardust to the original, his eyes fixed firmly on the future. The man is a sound design genius and it shows in his delicate, detail-rich reconstruction.

Patrice Bäumel - Mike Tyson (TRW5)