Andi Müller


Catalogusnummer: TRW4
Release datum: 06-06-2011

When Agoria finished his set at Trouw a few years ago with an absolute bomb that had people crowd the dj booth to find out what it was, he wasn’t quite ready to share that information. Speculations ran wild. Months later we found out that the track in question happened to be remix of Radiohead’s “Everything In It’s Right Place” by a totally unknown producer from Copenhagen – Andi Müller. The remix in question was freely available on his Soundcloud page.

(This, by the way, is the infamous remix)

Bit by bit the rest of the world caught on, Andi’s mix started appearing in sets of many big name dj’s. Always to devastating effect – in the last few years there were only a handful of tracks that even came close to provoking the same sort of crowd reaction. We decided to contact Andi and ask him to send us some more material. That is how “Comedown” landed on our doorstep.

“Comedown” is a song with refreshingly different dynamics, sounds and emotions. Music that could have only sprung from an independent mind like Andi’s. Elegant, emotional and unique. Music our electronic music scene could use a lot more of.

Border Community’s Luke Abbott takes the original into more abstract territories with a dazzling array of twists, turns, ideas and surprises. It is a mix that grows on you and demands a few listens before its beauty unveils itself completely. A piece of art.

360, the collaboration between Trouw residents Nuno dos Santos and Patrice Bäumel, cater to the opposite side of the spectrum and turn “Comedown” into a balls-to-the-wall fistpumper. White noise, big breaks, huge reverbs – it’s all there. A rowdy reminder of why most of us got into this business in the first place.

Andi Müller - Comedown (TRW4)