The spotlight on our staff

Our security Raymon

The spotlight on our staff

14-12-2014 | 10.46

Trouw is temporary and will close her doors forever on January 3rd. Trouw wouldn’t be the meeting place and breeding ground that it is today without the people working there day and night. This series puts various Trouw employees in the spotlight. From the light people, to the door host: all nodes of Trouw will see their place on the pedestal. Today: Raymon - head security at Trouw.

Raymon Moore has been involved in Trouw security since its opening. 'I started at 11, about two years after the club opened. Some of the old crew moved to Trouw and because I was often available as a doorman, I was quickly made manager of the group of security men. I also give security-related workshops and courses. And I provide assertiveness courses to staff working in cultural institutions.'

At night, Raymon focuses on another branch of the sport. 'I have a passion for nightlife. Even though I’ve had a daytime office job for a few years now, I don’t like to let the chance of a
night at the door at Trouw slip by. It’s just too enjoyable. The energy that the people have here just can’t be beaten. Even though, as a doorman, my main job seems to be to educate our visitors.'

Text: Dennis de Vogt
Photo credit: Ramona Deckers