The spotlight on our staff

Our light technician Martijn

The spotlight on our staff

12-12-2014 | 11.31

Trouw is temporary and will close her doors forever on January 3rd. Trouw wouldn’t be the meeting place and breeding ground that it is today without the people working there day and night. This series puts various Trouw employees in the spotlight. From the light people, to the door host: all nodes of Trouw will see their place on the pedestal. Today: Martijn - light technician at Trouw.

'In 2010, I quit my job as a croupier and started looking for something else. A friend of mine, who was already working as a light jockey, asked if it was something that I’d like to maybe try. I started messing around, and before I knew it, I got my very first job. Two years later I made the transition to AIR, where I was suddenly faced with a huge space and all sorts of evenings and styles. Shortly afterwards, I got in touch with Trouw and was a stand-in there six times. Michael, Guido and I have been the permanent Trouw lighting men since 2012.'

Martijn is responsible for the lighting in De Verdieping, although he also sometimes transfers upstairs. 'That’s where it happens, in terms of lighting. Where you can really make a difference. You don’t actually need a lot of light to create something special. A club such as Trouw proves that. The lighting is something that plays out mainly in people’s subconscious. Good lighting doesn’t actually get noticed. If I’m having a bad evening and I’m just not on the ball, then the visitors are quick enough to let me know. That says enough.'

Text: Dennis de Vogt
Photo credit: Ramona Deckers