Interview with Margot


03-10-2014 | 14.31

It wasn’t a very good idea to do an interview over Skype with Margot. The Italian duo has quite a hard time answering me. My questions were frequently answered with "we don’t understand", but after trying two or three times, we manage to get the wanted result. And even though I spoke with Pepe on a night in Ekko earlier this year, apparently I forgot how difficult it was for him. "You should have seen us 6 years ago. It’s already much better now", they say. I have to give them a lot of credits for keeping up for over half an hour.  

In 2012, this video came online, taken from Dronecast 006 by Margot. It caused quite a hassle among the nerds, since they all wanted to have the full track and were wondering when it came out. Now, it’s finally here. But apart from digital, it will only be released as a Prins Thomas Diskomiks that sounds almost exactly the same as the original. Something similar happened to Goblin, which had a digital release five years ago and will now be available on vinyl, covered by Prins Thomas. “The tracks aren’t completely different. These are mixed in his studio, and apart from the kick, barely anything changed. It’s more for the dj’s now."

About your music: you guys are Italian, are you an exception in your style there?
“There are a lot of people in Italy that make beautiful music. But here, it’s very difficult to propose it to others. For example, we met James (Holden) in a club about eight years ago. If we hadn’t spoken to him in person there, we might not have had the connection we have now.”

You also have a very good relationship with Nachtdigital. How did you get to know Steffen Bennemann?
“Steffen did the feedback on our release on Border Community. We heard through James that he was a fan of our music. Later on he contacted us and we did two tracks for the Nachtdigital vinyl release in 2012. We did the first release on Steffen’s label Holger one year later. When we played the festival in 2012, we played on Saturday night from ten to midnight. The people were fresh and it just became dark. It’s a very liberal festival - it’s incredible!”

You guys have been around for quite some years now. When did your career in music start?
“Giaga bought turntables about 22 years ago. I went to his home and he taught me how to use them, it all started from there. We bought house music, commercial music, techno… you name it! When we were young, we went to several clubs in Riccione. We visited Cocorico and all the other big ones. There is a lot of club culture there. Especially in the 90’s we had all the choice in the world.”

So it's safe to say that you were very eclectic dj’s in the beginning?
“Yes!” And what style did you get later on? “House music. We played so much different stuff. In the beginning we played everything by Todd Terry and all Romanthony his releases. Later on Chemical Brothers came and through a lot of different roads, we ended up where we are now.”

Text: Ruben Leter