Something Else

Fatima Al Qadiri & Heatsick

Something Else

18-06-2014 | 14.20

Coming Saturday Fatima Al Qadiri, Heatsick and Arif Malawi & Luc Mast are Somewhere Else. This will be De Verdieping – starting from midnight.

Somewhere Else is always somewhere else. We’ve been to OT301, Doka and the Veemtheater, and in July we’ll move on to the newly opened Canvas.

We’ve had Vondelpark, The Range, Huerco S. and Physical Therapy playing records, we’ve had Terekke programming rhythm patterns, we’ve had patten editing tracks on stage and we’ve had Arif & Luc warming-up nights with cosmic synthesizer pieces and closing nights with raving highlife.

But, this edition will be something else. Two of our very favorite people in electronic music will play a special performance in De Verdieping – we couldn’t be more excited.

Fatima Al Qadiri is a Kuwaiti beat maker and visual artist, based in New York. This year she released her outstanding debut album Asiastisch on Hyperdub, on which she explores the stereotypes about Chinese culture. In recent years she released several EPs on labels like Tri Angle and Fade To Mind. In 2012 she released one of our favorite music video ever. At Somewhere Else Al Qadiri will play a deejay set – which she described as a mix of hip hop, grime and experimental, sci-fi beats.

Heatsick you might know from his notorious Boiler Room performance. At Somewhere Else it will be this, but next-next-next level. After Al Qadiri, Heatsick will do his Extend Play show, which comes down to three hours (three hours!) of live jamming – singing and playing his Casio keyboard. During Heatsick’s Extended Play, De Verdieping transforms into another place, into something else. In an interview with Cyclic Defrost he already explained a little bit about the ideas behind the Extended Play:

‘It’s like an extension of what I’ve been doing, and it’s informed by my visual work. As opposed to just relying on one sense – well, two senses, the standard hearing and seeing – with the light grid I’ve been playing around with how we receive information. Obviously when you have a light grid it’s also incredibly hot, so you have temperature settings. Usually, I have scent diffusers or perfumes which I select, and also smells which I’ll have in the room. I’m interested in how the mind processes these and what effect they have upon us. I’m trying to expand something more to a positive end – of course I am also very wary of the term freedom, in terms of ‘freedom to what’ – but in terms of making the experience a lot more pleasant and creating a space for more potentiality.’

Arif Malawi & Luc Mast will open & close the night. In between: Kuwaiti kicks and Casio chords. See you Somewhere Else.