Seth on the Internet

Seth on the Internet

15-05-2014 | 10.03

Ik wilde Seth Troxler eens aan de tand voelen over zijn activiteiten op het internet, aangezien hij een van de meest actieve dj’s online is. Maar mijn Skype-oproep verstoorde Seths studiosessie, en zijn alter ego Creepy Larry greep zijn kans om de oproep te beantwoorden en het gesprek een totaal andere wending te geven.

To what extent do you believe that it’s important for your career to be active on Facebook and Twitter?
‘I think it’s important to be accessible to people, not just be active online. It’s important as an artist to be able to somehow interact with the people who are your fans. That doesn’t necessarily have to be on the Internet. But through social media I found it possible to keep in touch with a much larger fan base, in real time.’

Do you respond to the messages that you receive?
‘Sometimes. On Twitter if anyone asks me a question, I respond to it. I read Twitter almost every day. I have some people to help me with the Facebook stuff, but generally Twitter is all me.’

What do you consider to be a waste of time on the Internet?
‘Almost everything. I kind of hate the Internet. I use the Internet to waste time, to turn off my brain. Like when I’m jerking off, watching videos of myself on Google, or looking for ways to rip off shit sitcoms. And I like traveling the Silk Road. That’s where I really like to lay down, deep in the Silk Road. In the other Internet...’

What is the Silk Road?
‘That’s the real Internet. That’s where all the fun is. Terabytes of information at your fingertips, most of it illegal.’

Like coded child pornography?
‘No, no, no, I’m into snuff films myself. That’s what I go for. That’s me in my artistic mindset.’ 

Are you telling me that you are a member of some underground Internet community where people share snuff movies?
’Possibly. I’m not saying that outright, but it could be implied that I might have said that.’

Luckily there is also some stuff online that is less, well... offensive. For example the videos of you doing the ADE DJ Cook Off.
‘Yeah, that’s the everyday me. I won 3 times and now I’m retired.’ 

Can we expect a YouTube channel of you doing recipes?
‘Nothing like that. Only if it could involve me cooking and murder, kind of like American Psycho meets Hannibal.’

When I was preparing this interview you seemed like such a peaceful guy and now all we talk about is snuff movies and cooking with Hannibal.
‘I’m sorry, my mind is in a different place. You know how some actors tend to become their character? I’m making this new artist profile called Creepy Larry. And right now I’m in Creepy Larry’s mind. He only exists in the studio. To produce my art, I must become Creepy Larry. So you’re not really taking to Seth Troxler, you’re talking to Creepy Larry. And these are his hobbies.’

So Larry, how is it going in the studio?
‘Studio is going cool. I have some creepy shit going down. Everything outside of that is just dead roses, darkness and night. Eagles eating their prey.’

You are one of the main contributors to the DJs complaining Twitter page.
‘Not really, that’s Creepy Larry.’ 

How can we know if it’s Seth or Creepy Larry behind the buttons? 
‘That’s the question that they all ask: 'When is it you, when it is Larry?''

Is it too easy to say that everything negative is Larry and everything positive is Seth?
‘Some of the complaining is Seth, but some of the complaining is Larry. You have to take the tone into context.’

A lot of your complaints are about airports.
‘Yeah, I hate them.’

The whole world has seen your appearance in the Eastern Electrics video. Some people even made a parody of it. What do you think of that?
‘Creepy Larry would like to chop them up and throw them in the river. But you know, that’s Creepy Larry. That is his mindset. Like Dexter.’

And was does Seth think about it?
‘Oh you know, whatever. It’s cool. That’s what he would say.’

Text: Tessa Velthuis