No Condition is Permanent

Exhibition by Meeus van Dis & Bob Waardenburg

No Condition is Permanent

14-05-2014 | 20.23

Normally, our Resident of the Month always performs in the club that month, no matter what. But with a visual Resident of the Month, highlighting their work in such a way is a bit more challenging. Meeus van Dis came up with an whole new idea for his residency: an exhibition in De Hal and De Rode Ruimte with colleague Bob Waardenburg from May 15 to May 31, which will also opens the art exhibition season in Trouw! More info will follow soon on this.

In 2013 Bob Waardenburg and Meeus van Dis found each other in a fruitful artistic collaboration based on the animation of abstract drawings and now for the first time in combination with an installation and sound art. This is the set-up of their exhibition 'No Condition is Permanent'. You can visit Meeus and Bob's exhibition starting May 15 up until May 31 during restaurant and club hours in De Hal and De Rode Ruimte for free.

De Hal

The office fixtures installation reflects the day. 
This part of the installation refers to unused space. It questions how effectively vacant space is utilized in a city. The elements used, are partly gathered from the basement. The installation shows us a segment of local history, when the building served daily as an office and printing press.

- 32 office light fixtures / suspended ceiling / color filters

Planck vs Parsec 
The projection and the sound-machine reflects the night.
This part of the installation refers to a moment ever changing, a possible cosmic and euphoric state of mind and being. Searching for joy and eventually escapism and calibration. The direct impact of embracing the moment gives us freedom and provides us with the energy to handle with all daily commitments. 

- Hand-drawn animation / projection / sound machine

De Rode Ruimte

Light Beam
The sculpture is an interpretation of an electromagnetic wave. The frequency of the visible spectrum to the naked eye lies between a wavelength of 400nm and 700nm (nanometers). This wavelength is an enlargement of 650nm, the color red.

- Steel tubes / Kee Klamps