17 steps to understand Meeus van Dis

17 steps to understand Meeus van Dis

09-05-2014 | 11.59

Who is Meeus van Dis? Our Resident of the Month May might not be a familiar face to most of you, so we thought it would be nice to write a small bio on our blog about the life and manners of our beloved visual resident so you could get to know him and his work. Meeus wrote one in his own personal style. We hereby present: 17 steps to understand Meeus van Dis.

1. Meeus van Dis is Dutch and lives in Amsterdam.

2. Meeus thinks digital, but seems to works analog.

3. Amsterdam is a small city with a great variety of nature sites. Therefore, Meeus van Dis likes to cycle his bike as often as possible. 

4. These days lots of people call themselves a light artist; Meeus van Dis has been illuminated since childhood. 

5. To say that light plays a role in Meeus van Dis' work, would be a major understatement.  

6. Meeus van Dis thinks audiovisual, spatial, modular, site-specific and minimalistic. It doesn't bother him. 

7. Music often is a key element visualizing his work in the process of making. 

8. Meeus van Dis is an electric artist. He would never call himself this, but has no problems if others do so. 

9. You could say that recurrence, contrast, chroma and spatial compostion have been main points of interests troughout his life.

10. When given a lightsaber once, Meeus van Dis dueled Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi simultaneously. With ease. 

11. When done playing with lightsabers, they divided the universe between them over burgers and beer.  

12. In his work, Meeus van Dis is led by the instinct to depict the bipolar characteristics of mass society.

13. His work typifies: frequency, friction, celestial mechanics, autistic thinking, euphoria, megalomania and self-rejection.

14. He is also active as an animator, drawer and inventor. When he gets the chance, he takes a go at making music. 

15. The previous step is because Meeus van Dis refuses to focus on one craft. 

16. Some say that this refusal is Meeus van Dis' biggest flaw. They are wrong. 

17. Most of the things stated here true, some are not. If you are confused, don't worry: great things can happen in a confused state of being.

Wanna see more of Meeus' arts and crafts? Catch Meeus VJ-ing tonight at the Psychedelic Romance (May 9th) with Jean Pierre Enfant and Pearson Sound!