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Interview met Antigone

Musical storytelling

09-04-2014 | 10.37

Antonin Jeason and Jasper & Maarten met each other one and a half year ago in Paris, when they we're invited to be part of the mastering proces at the Mathieu Berthet mastering studios for their releases on Concrete Music. When listening to his music, Jasper and Maarten immediately felt that Antigone had a really profilic and unique sound in his productions. The musical minds of these men entwined over time, which led to Antigone releasing his new EP called "The Day The Sky Fell In" on Indigo Aera this month. Indigo Aera will celebrate the release of their newest EP at Trouw this Saturday. For the occasion, Jasper & Maarten asked some questions to Antonin about his brief, yet tumultuous career.

When did you discover electronic music and what made you start producing and DJ'ing?
"I think the first time I heard electronic music was in 1998, at the first Techno Parade in Paris. It was really new for me, because I didn't know this kind of music at all. From this moment, I couldn't stop listening to this music. I remember buying records quite young, I think I was like twelve years old or so. It was kind of a hidden passion as a kid. It took me quite some time before I really started to realize that I wanted to produce too. I was around 16 years old when I got my first computer with Ableton and started playing around a bit, however it took me quite some time before I really got addicted to producing, as I was more into buying records. At the end of my studies, I said to myself that I wanted to try to make a living with my music, kind of like my childhood dream I guess. So here we are today."

What was you most memorable gig lately?
"I played at Tresor in Berlin last week where I did the closing set and I think I never felt something as intense. The roughness defines the beauty of the club. It is really quite something over there. The people are just totally into the music: you don't really see your audience, you can only hear them. I personally love that kind of atmosphere."

You've stopped performing with your live set a while back, and now you're only focussing on your DJ set. What is the specific reason you have stopped with your live sets? Are you planning to start doing live sets again in the near future?
"To be honest I was not quite satisfied with my set-up, but I feel that it was a good decision to start playing live first. This is mostly thanks to Zadig, who really pushed me into doing that. Lately I have been changing stuff in my home studio, so I'm actually trying out my new set-up. Maybe I will do another live set soon, but it won't happen until next year (maybe even later) as I really want to focus on something "cinematographic" and not just a live set for clubs. I have always more or less tried to tell story with my tracks and I want to do the same with my live set."

The Parisian techno movement is developing really quick. A new sparkle clearly lit up the Parisian scene of which you are a part of since the beginning. What do you think about the development in these last three years and what are you most proud of? 
"I am really proud of what is going on right now in Paris. We had a struggle for quite some time, but luckily the number of new clubs and collectives are growing with some really great music every week. Most of the weekends we have at least seven good parties going on and last but not least, you have Concrete. That place is really awesome, it just has a wonderful lovely vibe."

Describe your relationship with the Concrete movement.
"I've been a Concrete resident for 2 years now and I am really attached to that place, mostly because it is the only place where I'm always stressed before playing. I love that feeling, as I really want to offer the best music to the audience there."

If we look at Amsterdam in comparison with Paris, what do you think of the Dutch/Amsterdam techno scene and which DJ's/labels do you like the most?
I really like Jeroen Search, Mike Storm, ROD (Benny Rodrigues), Tripeo (Darko Esser) and Jasper and Maarten of course. Besides that, you also have greats labels like Delsin, Rush Hour, Indigo Aera and so on. Hopefully in a few years, it will be like this in France. 

You're playing at Trouw for the first time this Saturday; what can we expect from your set? 
"Some techno records that I really like! A mix between hard and deep atmospheric techno."

For the diggers: what is (are) the best record (or records) you discovered in 2014?
"I think the best record for me is Atom™ & Jacek Sienkiewicz - Wagner - Zwei Abhandlungen on Recognition, both sides are really lovely. A lot of Abdulla Rashim's stuff is really good too."

Last question: what is the biggest goal in your musical career and where do you see yourself in five years?
"I don't really have big goals, we'll see where the music takes me. Hopefully in five years from now, I will still be making music!"