Keeping it real

Interview met Recondite

Keeping it real

12-02-2014 | 16.20

Lorenz Brunner - to most people better known as Recondite - is one of the Trouw residents headlining this Sunday, during the Life & Death Weekender. It will become his fourth gig in Trouw. Since a great deal of music lovers discovered Recondite's music and live sets mid 2012, the former personal trainer has been traveling the world intensively. Last week I talked to Lorenz. About how success affects his ability to relax and enjoy the less superficial things in life. About what helps him 'keeping it real'. 

An at ease state of mind
"My life changed a bit in the last months, so to say. Nonetheless, in my perception, it was kind of an organic process. Since 2010, every year the audience who was or is interested in my music grew constantly. This lead to an increasing number of shows I got to play. I really appreciate this development and I feel happy about it. But there are decisions to be made in order to be able to maintain that state of peace towards the things you do. The priorities in my professional live are currently shifting - which is also a progression that is pleasing - but the things that are most important to me will always remain key in my life. Seeing my family and loved ones on a regular basis, spending a decent amount of time in non artificial environments, having time to think in an at ease state of mind: they go hand in hand with my musical career and I keep a close watch in maintaining this."

Extraordinary and authentic
"A few years ago I found myself listening to classical music a lot more than any other musical genre. I love traditional classical music, like Grieg, Bach, Bruckner and Mahler. Maybe this sounds totally cheesy and cliché, but I enjoy it very much and it helps me to reflect. I also enjoy contemporary stuff by movie score composers, for example. I did a mix called 'Finally Boredom’ with works in that vein a couple of years ago. If it is interesting for you - knock yourself out. Reading helps me to keep chilled while travelling and to get occupied before I go to sleep. Recently I read the 'Almen trilogy' by Martin Suter, a Swiss writer. I love his style as he manages to make really ordinary subjects and plots worthwhile interesting. 'The Stranger’ by Albert Camus is a classic I read lately. The insight you get into the weird thoughts of a person who is sitting in a cell on death row is extraordinary and authentic."

Nutrition is the basis
"In order to keep time for the above mentioned, I had to make the decision to put my job as a personal trainer in sleep mode for now. It simply isn’t possible to take care of my clients in the way they are used to. I am pretty damaged after a weekend of traveling and not enough sleep. Therefore, to be in a personal trainer shape on Monday, even if you don’t take drugs or drink excessively, simply isn’t possible. The job of a trainer demands a lot of physical, but also psychological stamina if you want do it right. But this decision was beneficial for my individual health, as my energy conversation is easier to manage in this way. To me - and I think to every artist - it is important to organize your physical workouts in a touring lifestyle suiting way. Of course, a smart and adjusted nutrition is the basis. It allows me to appear in the booth in a fresh manner and to perform at the utmost. That is what the crowd expects from me. It is what I expect from myself as well."

Text: Dennis de Vogt