Trouw Suite Diary

Trouw Suite Diary

25-10-2013 | 11.06

"Een hotelkamer in Trouw?" hoorden we velen mensen vragen tijdens ADE. "Maar...hoe gaat dat dan in zijn werk?" Nou, dat hebben onze hotelgasten voor jullie opgeschreven. Luca, Johannes en Eva waren de gelukkige winnaars van de Trouw Suite wedstrijd. Ze wonnen een hotelkamer geheel verzorgd door het Lloyd Hotel midden in het hart van Trouw tijdens Amsterdam Dance Event. Nu ze weer een beetje zijn bijgekomen van hun avontuur, vertellen ze hoe het is om vijf nachten in Trouw te logeren.

"One lazy afternoon I checked my Facebook and read about an intriguing contest I definitely wanted to be part of. Trouw and Lloyd Hotel arranged a suite inside the club for the entirety of ADE. I told some good friends about the idea and they just smirked at us. Everybody understood. A few days passed with the normal excitement of daily life, but nobody really did something. ADE was coming and we were planning to spend most of our days at Trouw anyway. But, commuting from Rotterdam to Amsterdam back and forth four nights in a row isn't really something you want to do. We decided to be happy-go-lucky and we submitted an entry for the contest. At work on a rainy Thursday, we got an email asking us to show up at Trouw for a chat. We were on the shortlist for the Trouw Suite! So one day later we faced the door of a usually very crowded place where we had spent many happy nights. Once inside, the atmosphere was very peaceful on that Friday afternoon. We were welcomed by three smiling faces -Kyara, Sarah and Twan-. We had a nice chat and discussed how we would like to spent our days in Trouw during ADE. Not much later we got a phonecall, and we won!"

"So we packed for a journey ready to leave the world behind for the next five days. When we came to Trouw on Wednesday evening we felt at home straight away. People smiled at us, congratulated us, we had the first of the many amazing meals that we had in those days and in the meanwhile the sound system delighted your ears with some good music. We got to see the Trouw Suite and knew immediately that this was going to be amazing. Any doubt we had regarding the Truman Show effect for being in a glazed room completely disappeared."

"Living for five days inside a club sounds super fun and cool, but it also pushes you to your limits. It is exciting. So many people around you - all the time. And if you are living in the center-point of Trouw, it doesn’t take long and the first visitors of the night are knocking on your window to figure out what you are doing. We talked to a lot of people, had loads of fun with them, and also experienced strange moments when people tried to get our attention from outside. But all of them were worth to experience. It didn’t take long for us to really feel at home in Trouw, walking with my slippers from the bar to the dance floor. With all the great people taking care of us, we really could see how such an awesome place is created and maintained. And this doesn't mean the DJs only, but also all the little details. The bar staff, the cleaning team in the morning, the soundcheck, the party-crowd and so much more. Having your own bed in such a place makes you experience a party in a completely different way. For me, it was waking up with amazing music and ending up on the dance floor instead of the shower. Taking naps inbetween when others go home, just to come back for the final peak of the night. Or appreciating even an empty club, as I loved to feel the tension getting built up."

"At Trouw, it's not just about the music, but the overall atmosphere which is difficult to express into words. It's impossible for me to define just one thing that makes Trouw such an incredible venue after those full five days, but I can surely say that the authenticity of the Trouw crew is a big part of it. Music lovers, great professionals and life enthusiasts that welcome you discreetly but warmly and make you feel a part of it. On Monday morning when all the lights were turned on, the music was over and the venue empty, I walked out of Trouw thinking that this must be THE place and a naive melody started playing in my head..."

Home is where I want to be. Pick me up and turn me round. I feel numb - burn with a weak heart (so I) guess I must be having fun. The less we say about it the better. Make it up as we go along. Feet on the ground. Head in the sky. It's ok I know nothing's wrong... nothing. (Talking Heads, This must be the place, Speaking in Tongues, 1982)

Text: Luca, Johannes & Eva

TrouwAmsterdam would like to give a huge shout out to the Llolyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy for all their help and effort and a big thank you to: Beter & Leuk, Cafe Bern, Bar Bukowski, Da Portare Via, Struik, Hartog, Yellow Bike, 360V, Stedelijk and EYE.