If You Leave

Exhibition and portfolio review during the Night Bazaar

If You Leave

28-08-2013 | 19.38

During the Night Bazaar you can feast your eyes on an exhibition by If You Leave. And for you photographers out there, if you bring your portfolio you can have it reviewed!

If You Leave is an initiative by Belgian Laurence von Thomas, who has been living in London for the past six years. Von Thomas grew up fantasizing about making feature films so it was only natural that he started working in film, taking his 35mm camera with him to every shoot. Since he moved to London, he's developed an online music video platform and got into shooting photo editorials for a few magazines and blogs.

To him photography has always been somewhat therapeutical. "As opposed to film making it offers instant reward, it works better than words and they're also amazing little time capsules!" he says.
That's why he's been capturing most things that surround him on film. Also, he's an avid Instagrammer and will be publishing a small book of those works. Besides If You Leave, he'll also be launching the the first issue of a quarterly magazine called Mood|Board. All the while he's still quite happy fantasising about making feature films.

If You Leave is the blog he curates. With If You Leave he has published 3 volumes photo books of the best work from the blog. If You Leave wasn't something he planned. "About 4 years ago I thought it was time to set up a blog as a visual diary. Next to my own work, I posted images from other photographers that inspired me. It seemed to confusing decided to split it into 2 blogs and kept posting inspirational images on If You Leave," Von Thomas explains.

"I'm not quite sure what it is I'm looking for when selecting for If You Leave," he continues. "It's an intuitive process and I try not to analyse it to much." Nevertheless, there's certain skills a curator should have: " A curator needs a strong personal opinion and be prepared to take risks.
For If You Leave, a sense of Zeitgeist is important. Also, it helps to have a thick French accent while uttering non-existent words," he smiles.

The abundance of photography our web-based world doesn't surprise Von Thomas: "Photography is a very suited medium for a fast paced communication society. It get's a lot of information across in one go. Faster than words or moving image. So hopefully viewers of If You Leave get the same rush and inspiration the images bring me when I post them."

Do you think your portfolio is ready for reviewing and are you prepared to decipher imaginary French? Bring it to the Night Bazaar!

Text: Martijn Savenije. Being a photographer and founder of copypasteculture, he enjoys the beauty of observation and discovery.

Photo credits: 
Jelena M.
Miguel A. Cuesta
Gøren Kiziltas
Reuben Wu