A day in the life of DJ Harvey

A day in the life of DJ Harvey

24-05-2013 | 10.44

DJ Harvey loves things analogue. This vinyl spinning DJ also knows his way around a camera. A disposable camera that is.

The people at Dispose distribute disposible cameras to a wide range of people living across the world. Think of tech entrepreneurs, LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy,  Aoki Takamasa, Gloria Chung, students traveling, synchronised swimmers, and also DJ Harvey.

Dispose asks contributors to take 27 photographs from the moment they wake up until the the time they go to sleep. They need to take at least one photo per hour and one self portrait. Often with the most interesting results.

So if you're wondering what a day in the life of legendary homo universalis DJ Harvey looks like, go check it out!

And if you wanna catch this legend in real life, DJ Harvey will play a 5 hour set this Sunday at Trouw op Zondag.

Tekst: Martijn Savenije