Hello Pachanga Boys

Hello Pachanga Boys

11-04-2013 | 10.46

Op vrijdag 26 april draaien de Pachanga Boys in Trouw – een mooie reden voor onze collega-blogger Tessa Velthuis om hen te benaderen voor een interview via Skype. Helaas bleek dit makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan; de Boys waren door hun heftige tourschema nooit lang genoeg op dezelfde plaats voor een goede webcamsessie. Wel stuurden ze tijd te hebben voor een interview via e-mail. Doch helaas, Tessa doet niet aan e-mailinterviews. Maar wij wel. En zo mailden wij de Boys onze vragen; over rivieren, classics en confetti.
Uiteindelijk beantwoordden de Boys onze vragen én kropen ze alsnog achter Skype voor een interview met Tessa. Zodoende presenteren we je de eerste van twee interviews met ons aller Pachanga Boys.

How did you start out and what came first, Hippie or Dance?
We started out laughing and the rest is as complicated as trying to know what came first, the egg or the chicken...
Cheese from Cheesetown, Boots from Boottown. But where can we get Pachanga Superior Power Elixir and what are the ingredients?
That's a very complicated task... a special guy does it for us... We wish we could tell the ingredients, but this would mean bad juju for the rest of our lives...
Will you bring some for us to Trouw? We could trade it for the best Fly Me To The Moon’s on Earth.
We would love to but we're out of stock for the moment. It's been many moons now since the last time our special guy could brew some. Also weather conditions haven't been the right ones.
Would you be willing to draw the experience of drinking Pachanga Superior Power Elixir for us? You could take a picture of the drawing or use Paint! (see picture on the right -->)
Rebolledo, we googled La Pitaya and found this picture. Is this where you grew up?
La Pitaya is an area a bit outside Xalapa which is the city where I was born. I moved there with my family when I was eight, so yeah, I could say that's where I grew up. It was great. Now we have a little studio there and it's always great to be back there to relax and work.
A question about your album. To which river did you dedicate The River? Why?
It was inspired by Rio Pixquiaq, which runs just by Rebolledo's place in la Pitaya, and also right across a place in the mountain (kilometers away) we like to visit. During the process of making the album in the early days (when we didn't even know it would become an album), we used to re-charge our batteries taking a little bath in the river. And it was in January so it was crazy cold, but it felt so good... We enjoy this river so much that it felt just right to feature it.
When will you produce a follow up for Time? Or don’t you have enough Time together?
We don't believe in sequels, unless Silvester Stalone is involved. 
How does this video make you feel?
Oh so many things, great memories... Actually, that was the day after our last show in Trouw which we loved so much, so we were still in a super good mood from the night before, even after a hell of a traveling day with flight delays and missed connections arriving directly to the stage after a super long drive from Berlin. Also we feel that some of these people really need some sleep. I hope they got some after that...
There’s a lot of confetti in it. What's your general opinion about confetti?
We believe in confetti. It's a powerful tool, a great mood lifter and a good ice breaker. We usually carry some in our pockets in case somebody brings bad news, to balance the situation. We also use it when we're introduced to new people and we don't really know what to talk about. We throw some in the air and by the time the little colorful papers hit the ground, cocktails have been served, moon walking is being done and even friendly hugs are performed.

Do you agree Daniel Maloso's album is a future classic?
Is that the word on the street? We really love it and we play it a lot, but to be a classic maaaaany people have to like it and “the right people” have to spread the word, and to be honest: we don't trust many people's taste and we don't think too much on this music world references. Maloso's album deserves to be though.
Why are you so sorry?
So sorry it took kind of long to answer the interview, we've been traveling kind of too much lately and on top Rebolledo was a bit ill. But here it is now!

Thanks for your time!
Thank you!!! Greetings from Australia and see you soon!!!! Super looking forward to be there!

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