Interview met Gesloten Cirkel


04-02-2013 | 10.29

Het was niet zijn bedoeling de hele wereld te laten denken dat hij Nederlands was. Het lag gewoon voor de hand zijn plaat uit 2009 te promoten door Murder Capital te noemen en het daarbij te laten. Maar Gesloten Cirkel (ja, hij kan zijn eigen artiestennaam uitspreken) kan niet ontkennen dat een snufje mysterie goed kan doen.
You told me I should read this interview with you at Juno Plus. They are really focusing on how mysterious you are and how a cloak of mystery surrounds your identity. But I googled you and I could actually find quite a lot of information on you...
‘Tessa, I think people are really lazy! There’s tons of information.’
I’m curious to hear from you what kind of stuff you think I found out about you.
‘Probably my work history, maybe some old releases. Maybe my resume.’
I also found that you like the movie Blade Runner.
‘Oh come on!’
We don’t need to talk about it.
‘No I wrote a large paper about it for graduating university. So if you want, we can talk all about Blade Runner. I think everyone needs to watch that movie. It’s a really cool film. Maybe not the story, but...’
Do you think people deliberately make things more mysterious than they are?
‘People always like puzzles and unordinary things. Mystery is an effective tool to intrigue people. I like movies that are not just a story going from a tot b. That’s why Blade Runner is so interesting. And that’s why a lot of fans hate the first cut of Blade Runner, because it had a nice ending. It was like blah blah blah ok everything is fine now, everything’s cool. And then they went and recut the whole movie to add this strange mysterious ending. Now there’s a lot of fans saying you’ve got to watch the director’s cut. Is he the replicant? Ohh maybe he’s not ohh. The most fun thing to do is to create this aura that people can enjoy, and they can make up their own story and have a discussion.’
This was the case for you as an artist for two years or so?
‘I think so. Who is this guy? Is this Legowelt? Is this I-F? Is this some guy from the Netherlands? Well, make it up! It hasn’t been completely on purpose, it was partly laziness and partly arrogance. It started with the info text for the record. We had to write a little captivating speech on what the record was about. For the stores, you know. It basically only said ‘it’s a new release from Murder Capital’, because everyone knows the sounds and everyone knows what they’re gonna get.’
What happened when you started performing?
‘I played at Perron and people were like: ok this is not I-F because this guy is standing next to I-F. And it’s also not Legowelt. The mystery faded. But people didn’t really care who I was, I think 90% of the people didn’t care. People go out to have fun and to see an artist that enjoys what he does. Maybe 10% of people don’t come to have fun, but to see what you do and how your music is made. Or to say: ‘oh I can do that too’, or ‘it kinda sucks compared to something else I saw’.’
What do you think about that group, that 10%?
‘I think it’s fantastic, because it’s hard to be your own critic. People don’t judge me as a person, they judge my performance. I read online what people say about my gigs, it’s probably narcissism or whatever, but I want that feedback. Mainly about technical stuff, for example if the sound was good or bad.’
And are you amongst the 10% at other’s gigs, listening and looking at the technical stuff?
‘Of course. I’m sorry, but yeah. It’s like: oh cool, this guy sounds a bit like me, what does he do? What is he trying? Someone writes their name in cursive or in graffiti and you look at it and think: that’s a lot cooler than what I can do, maybe I’ll try to do it as well. So you try and try. These 10% are the guys that will remember what you did. They’re the listeners that also participate in your sphere.
'By the way, why aren’t you interviewing I-F or Intergalactic Gary or Xosar?’
I heard about you, but I didn’t know much about you. I googled a bit and then I saw you hadn’t done any interviews...
‘So you also like mysterious stuff.’
Yeah I think I’m guilty of that.
‘Like I said, everyone likes mystery. Everyone should come to the party. I have this hunch Legowelt will be there. So that’s the new mystery... is Legowelt gonna be there? The tastemaker of 2012, maybe he’ll be there! He’s probably the tastemaker of 2013 too.’

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