Techno uit Parijs

Clement Meyer

Techno uit Parijs

22-11-2012 | 16.12

Clement Meyer is one of France’s hottest dj’s at the moment and an ambassador of the Parisian Techno scene. Prior to his appearance at the Black Magic night on the 24th of Saturday, Patrice got in touch with Clement and spoke about Paris, inspiration, gear and other things.

Clement, you have been a fixture of the Paris nightlife for the past few years, with residencies at places like Social Club and Rex. How do you view the local Parisian scene in 2012? 

Well, the Parisian scene is currently bigger, more diverse and more exciting than ever. Every weekend, we have 4,5,6 great parties with amazing djs. People are more and more into warehouse parties and “secret places”. There’s a new generation of party harders with strong tastes. 
I’m holding a residency at Rex Club, it’s still the most important club in Paris. Every time, you can see people are getting more and more open minded, they don’t want to see the same boring headliner for years. They just want to listen to new stuff, young guns and underground music. This is very stimulating actually, definitely this is a cool period for anybody in Paris who likes Techno. 

With such a huge amount of techno artists currently living in Berlin, what would be good arguments to try Paris instead?

Berlin and Paris are just completely different. In Berlin, techno is like blood in your veins, you can feel the music everywhere. Paris is a small and diverse city where “Art de vivre” and culture in general is important. Of course no need to say it’s the perfect place for restaurants! I like the aestheticism of both cities 

The sound of your productions is unusually dark and independent from any current trends, both things I really like. It makes me curious to hear more about your musical influences, past and present. Can you shed some light on this?

I wouldn’t say “dark” . I love when the groove comes from the weirdness. I like when it sounds “raw”, bassy, analog, with distortion, unusual effects and when it’s recognizable. My influences are wide : white funk, italo, noisy pop, drone, ambient, synth pop. I’m not snobbish, i’m curious above all so for me it’s important to dig unknown music all the time. This is your role as a DJ and this is essential as a producer.

People are always curious to hear what kind of equipment producers are into. What does your studio look like? And how do you see the eternal analog vs digital debate?

For me analog and digital are not in competition. It’s just tools you can combine to create the best music you can. It’s simple as that. I love both actually for different reasons. Analog is better to get the groove and the “live” effect in your production. And digital is also great to boost your creativity and find incredible sounds.
I work on Ableton Live with external effects and softwares from soundtoys, applied accoustic system, xils-lab and many others. 

I would like to know more about the person behind the artist. What are your passions and interests and inspirations beyond music?

I’d say cinema and documentaries are my second passion. It’s a great way to get inspiration in your music, to feel your music like a movie soundtrack.. i love that!

Interview by Patrice Bäumel