Cassy: Inhabitant of the world

Cassy: Inhabitant of the world

06-11-2012 | 09.44

This weekend Cassy will be celebrating her birthday in Trouw for the second year in a row. The only thing we know for sure is that Cassy will stick around after her performance. What she calls home only god knows, she might even move back to Amsterdam for a while.  
How did your residency at Trouw come to an existence?
“Well I’ve played in club 11 before and they tried to invite me again and it never worked out, after a while they even started to think I didn’t want to play there anymore. Finally I played at their new club Trouw and after my set I just hung out there for hours and hours. I really enjoyed it and I didn’t know where to live next as well so I just decided to go for Amsterdam. I had some doubts because I just can’t stand KLM hahaha. I’m always having luggage problems with them and they just lose my records for some reason.”
Currently you’re not living in Amsterdam anymore, I get the feeling that you’ve lived almost everywhere.
“Not everywhere, although it sounds like it. I might move back to Amsterdam, I had so much fun this ADE that I really started missing the place. At the moment I don’t really live anywhere. I do have al my stuff in Vienna but I’m sort of living in Rome for two months and now I’m in Geneva for a few days. Geneva is such a beautiful city; it’s the most Calvinistic city in the world so I’m feeling right at home being a good catholic. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed Amsterdam that much as well because it’s so Calvinistic.”

So you’re living in Vienna and in Rome and in Geneva at the moment?
“Yeah you know I don’t really get to enjoy living in Rome because I have to travel that much, but Geneva is just for a few days to spend time with some friends.”
After your show you always stay in the crowd and hang out with the locals, is that something you do to make contact with the audience?
“When I really like a club and feel at home or when I have time to stay for a little while I just enjoy mixing with the audience. In Amsterdam I can just hang out and chill with my friends, that’s why I always make sure that when I visit I’ll stay for a little bit longer. I also enjoy meeting new people, which is something I really cherish.”
It’s been 2 to 3 years since your last production, how come you’ve stopped making music?
“I tried coming up with new material, but I hated what I was doing. Everything looked too much like my old stuff. I recently started producing again though. There’s a few projects running, one collaboration in which I will be singing. Plus there are some tracks I’m hoping to finish soon which I’m doing by myself without the singing.”

You’ve done singing in the past as well, like on a remix for Villalobos’ Easy Lee right?
“Yeah and it’s something I really enjoy doing. I’m planning on doing it more in the future.”

Will you also be singing during performances? “I might, but it has to be something really special, I would have to find the right situation.” You did do a little bit of MC-ing during ADE last year. “No that was just the ‘lieve lieve mensen’ part at the end, or did I do more? Actually I don’t remember…”
Do you have any idea where you want to get settled?
“I have absolutely no idea. Maybe in London, but I said that about hundreds of places including Amsterdam. Rome is amazing as well, such a beautiful city with great architecture and lovely food. But who knows, I might even end up in Botswana.“

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