Patrice Baumel and Nuno Dos Santos talk HiFi

Patrice Baumel and Nuno Dos Santos talk HiFi

22-09-2012 | 14.58

Less laptop music, more proper musicianship. Real drums. An authentic live-feel on stage. More songs. In short: A healthy dose of concert vibe in a nightclub setting. HiFI returns after a summer break with its free-spirited approach to contemporary dancefloor music.

The third edition features Marbert Rocel, the Leipzig trio who only a few weeks ago delivered a fantastic show at the wonderful and cozy Into the Great Wide Open festival at the small Dutch island Vlieland. In November – hush hush – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is scheduled to hit the stage. Every two months Nuno Dos Santos and Patrice Baumel present their special finds to the musical adventure-seeker. At HiFi you get to experience the new, crazy and upcoming acts before they truly break through.

Nuno Dos Santos and Patrice Baumel, the two men behind the successful 360 parties, came up with their HiFi-idea while visiting more Indie-oriented festivals such as Lowlands. “We really liked the type of crowd and the atmosphere in general at those festivals”, Patrice recalls. “and thought it would be wonderful to have more of these folks mix it up with our established Trouw crowd. On top of that, most of our friends are really into Indie music and we wanted to give them a reason to hang out at our parties more often. HiFi is meant to be a home for everybody, club crowd and concert crowd.”

To Nuno and Patrice it is not about following a strict doctrine. "There is as much room for song-based records full of melody and vocals as there is for an hour of full-on house music", Nuno says. "The last few years it has been harder than ever to predict what the audience wants", Patrice realizes. "Anything goes. I see the new generation of djs and party animals go mental to music that’s way older than they are. That's great! But it also means that it would be a waste of time for us trying to predict trends, That's why we just go with what feels good to us. It's not a calculated process at all."

The name HiFi makes Nuno think about the movie High Fidelity. The experience of listening to beautiful, real music, recorded on vinyl. His perfect HiFi-night? "You enter the club, ready to dance, but in-between your dancing moves you hear that specific out-of-your-head tune that makes you run to the dj booth, asking what the hell it is. That’s how I experienced my best dancefloor nights, too."

Text by Berend Jan Bockting