Interview Dennis Ferrer

Interview Dennis Ferrer

13-04-2012 | 15.56

Dennis Ferrer is een artiest die zijn hart op de tong heeft liggen. Mocht je hem volgen op Twitter dan weet je dit allang. We spraken de Amerikaan en stelden hem een aantal vragen over zijn abrupt onderbroken set in Miami, zijn eerste Nederlandse gig samen met Jerome Sydenham en Amsterdam.  

TROUW: It’s the fourth time you will be playing in Trouw but the first time (in years or ever?)  that Jerome and you are playing side by side in a Dutch club, which is exciting for sure! Can we expect some back-2-back action?
DENNIS: It will be the first time ever that Jerome and I ever have played side by side in The Netherlands. I'm very excited. Back 2 Back? lol one never knows….depends how crazy it gets.
TROUW: You’ve been collaborating in the studio with Jerome Sydenham for over a decade and releasing these tracks on his record label Ibadan. How did you guys end up producing together?
DENNIS: It was a matter of fate I suppose. Kerri Chandler had given me a small space in his studio to call my own and work on music.  At this time Jerome used to come by and work on productions with Kerri.  So on one particular day  Kerri suggested to Jerome that he should just give me a shot at working on some rmx or original ideas for him. Jerome took the bait lol!  We've made amazing records and I've always have given my utmost heartfelt thanks as he's also a reason to why I am what I am today.  
TROUW: Is there one track in particular that you made with him (Jerome) that’s extra special to you? If yes, why?
DENNIS: I suppose it was the Jania record or when he helped me with Son of Raw.  I was so stuck on Son of Raw…it was just sitting on my hard drive and he came by and put a foot in my ass and said FINISH IT!!! In the end I owe him for that one big time.
TROUW: You’re seen as a ‘commercial’ artist by most of the press, promoters and audiences, although you get booked in clubs like Trouw and alongside other artists like Theo Parrish as well. Do you feel like you have to constantly proof everybody different?
DENNIS: YES CONSTANTLY. It's always a battle but it gives me inspiration to continue to try and prove people absolutely wrong. I've always taken great pride in trying to remain current.
TROUW: There seems to be an increasing interest in ‘European’ dance music in the US and we’re not talking about the usual suspects like David Guetta and Afrojack here, but the more ‘underground’ names as well. Do you have any clue to why this is happening now?
DENNIS: Sure…quality music always reigns supreme when it's looked back upon in time. People tend to grow up mentally in a musical sense after being bombarded by "popular" music after a while.  It begins as a backlash. That's what we're seeing. The beginning of the REVOLUTION! hahahahah!
TROUW: Just like the rest of the world, we’ve heard about what happened at Miami based club Mansion a month ago (Ferrer was kicked of the decks for not playing commercial enough). Did you see this one coming? And did you get an apology afterwards?
DENNIS: Actually no i never saw the overall public reaction coming at all.  I just tweeted what I thought was an appropriate comment to the current situation.  Why apologize for telling the truth? Why lie about a venue or the crowd? It seems everyone these days is sucking on everyone else's balls trying to be politically correct. F*** that! I tell the truth…..sorry. If it's a garbage party…you know…If it was great you know.  If you tried to make me be something i'm not…YOU'll KNOW! And nope. Oh, you mean if they apologized to me? Not really, but its OK. It is what it is (laughs).
TROUW: I guess we don’t have to ask you for the worst club(s) you’ve played in now, but do you have any favourites at the moment and why?
DENNIS: I think any venue can be an amazing place to play when the right crowd…the right weather…the right drinks..and extraneous other forces align with the moon, jupiter and mars. LMAO!
TROUW: Resident Advisor has this series on their site where they ask renowned dj’s who their favourite dj is. Could you tell us yours? Someone that always blows your mind when spinning, or made a huge impact on you?
DENNIS: I think any dj can be a superhero on any given night.  Therefore it could be the resident if he's rocking.
TROUW: Last year you did a Neuwave Renegades showcase in Trouw with The Martinez Brothers and also André Hommen in the line-up. How’s it going with the crew, any additions there? And what’s the difference of being part of the Objektivity crew as opposed to the Neuwave Renegades?

DENNIS: The crew is growing as we speak with the addition of Lilith. A homegrown amazing talent from Holland. So you'll see her frequently. The differences between Neuwave Renegades and Objektivity are none. It's just another moniker for all of us to use.
TROUW: You’ve played in Amsterdam many times, what’s so good about this town? We want to ask you this since us living in Amsterdam tend to forget about the good things of our city and start focusing on the negative.

DENNIS: Amsterdam is an amazing city. I love it's's culture…it's people. The fact that is a European melting pot reminds me a bit of NYC without the ignorance, crime and attitude. I love this city. I love it's nightlife.