Mini interview Agoria

Mini interview Agoria

24-02-2012 | 09.57

Iedere week rijdt Floris Boswijk alle artiesten die in Trouw staan van Schiphol naar de club en weer terug. Met sommige houdt hij er vriendschappen op na, zoals met Agoria. Floris deed een mini interview met de Fransman, en er zit een perfect einde aan al zeggen we het zelf. 

What is the reason that you are always so happy?

Next time i'll see you, i'll try to be moody!

Are the French always so arrogant as they say?

It's a long story: Napoleon, Jean Michel Jarre, Thierry Henry.
But are we really arrogant?!

Did you practice in total darkness lately?

What kind of practice?! Oh, playing... Never done it before! So excited!

What was the last time you played an all night long gig?

Last time I played all night long was in Geneva @ Palladium for Electron festival, that was 4 or 5 months ago.

We expect some hardcore Ajax fans tonight, as an Olympique Lyon supporter, do you still feel safe in Amsterdam?

Ha.... I won't wear any scarf from my team then!

What is the difference in someone from Paris and someone from Lyon?

"Parigots tete de veau, Lyonnais tete de pet".

Last time you played Trouw was with the Resident Advisor X night during ADE. If we let you do the programming for one night, what would your dream line up in Trouw look like?

Mark Ernestus, with his new African project.
Kid A live 
James Murphy
Todd Terje
Plus for the dark room I would say Gesaffelstein & the Hacker live with Robag Wruhme (dj who made a superb set last october for the RA X) (Robag is playing Saturday the 3rd of March at Drukpers red.) 

Any plans on doing a live set anytime soon?

I've done a couple 4 years ago....It takes so much time to organize. Maybe next year though. 

Do you belong to the Innervisions family or the Visionquest?

I belong to the Trouw family!