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Spatial Lights

By Meeus van Dis & Yun Teng

Fri 19 Dec

Spatial Lights

door free | club
18.00 - 12.00 | doors open 00.00

Meeus van Dis is the artist behind the characteristic light installation of the club. Spatial Lights is his first sculpture in public space and can be visited at our terrace from Friday December 19th until the very last day of Trouw!

“The idea behind this light installation came to me when someone close to me passed away and I witnessed what that did to me and others on a personal level. I came to realize that the feeling of connection is a very important aspect in the process of grieving and the time-period that comes after. Different forms of bonding emerge when someone passes away: the bond between the bereaved and the bond with the deceased.” 
- Meeus van Dis

This theme of life and death is expressed in the spatial light installation by two rings that are intertwined. Together they form a lemniscate (∞), the symbol of eternity in philosophy and science. The first ring consists of 60 warm white lights and represents life; the other ring consists of 24 cold white lights and symbolizes the afterlife. The rings are held up by a monumental steal construction, which consists of tubes, steal wires, and heavy material. The explosive shape of the construction reflects to the intensity of losing people and passing moments. This intriguing and detailed fundament is designed in collaboration with Yun Teng. The choice of material is based on the interior of Trouw, which was build by him as well. 

This project is supported by the AFK Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst