The Seamstress

Selected for the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2012

Mon 03 Sep

The Seamstress

presale € 6 | door € 7 | performance
22.00 - 23.30 | doors open 22.00

An auditive installation performance by Eva Schippers a.k.a. She-Man. In a dark industrial space a group of seamstresses are working, rapidly sewing pieces of fabric together. The small machine lamps only illuminate the sweaty faces and franticly moving hands of the women.
Chakk-A-chikk-A-chackk-A-chikk-a-chak-a-chak-chak-a-chak-akk-chak, the sounds of the sewing machines create an intense atonal rhythm, a sensory experience of ambient noise in the dark. Every workstation and each tool is separately amplified: You hear the snip, snip of the scissors, abruptly cut off conversations, indistinct murmur from the radio in the background…
In this setting of producing undefinable textile objects we try to unravel our experiences and create a situation where we can acces our moments of personal and political emergency. Did you ever save someone?
This project is a collaborative project together with the performers, constructed and shaped through dialogues, meetings and rehearsals. Dialogues and personal ideas revolving around issues as feelings of emergency and politics, our ambitions and how we experience contemporary life and its focus on production. A performance which is sometimes funny, sometimes loud or wringing, but never the same.
Concept: Eva Schippers
Play and content: anonymous group performers
You can follow the developments of the project on: