Failed Architecture #9

Sell out cities

Wed 26 Sep

Failed Architecture #9

presale € - | door € 5 | interview & q&a
20.00 - 22.30 | doors open 20.00

During Failed Architecture #9, we want to examine the role of market forces in our current living environment and the persistent urge of local administrators for ‘too-big-to- fail’ iconic architecture. What are the pros and cons of the marketization of urban space, and what are the underlying reasons for the continuing governmental support for large- scale office and luxury housing developments? We address these issues by looking at British examples and by analyzing Dutch cases such as Amsterdam’s Zuidas and Amstel III, and Rotterdam’s Calypso and De Rotterdam developments. 

Owen Hatherley (writer and journalist, a.o. the Guardian), Wouter Vanstiphout (architectural historian and holder of Design as Politics chair TU Delft), Rudy Stroink (architect and real estate developer, founder of TCN), Kai van Hasselt (urban strategy consultant at Shinsekai Analysis)