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Shadow Cities: A shadowy quest

Urban explorers. Into the darkness

Thu 07 Jun

Shadow Cities: A shadowy quest

door € 5 | film & docu
20.00 - 22.00 | doors open 20.00

Shadow Cities is a series of film nights in which the seamy sides of living in an urban environment are being highlighted. We are looking at big city life from the perspectives of the outcasts and underdogs, thereby wandering through the underground, shearing along the rough edges and entering no-go areas. How do people survive in the margins of the city and make the best of their life?

The illicit exploration of sewers, tunnels and derelict buildings has really taken off only a few years ago with the sharing of photographs online. There has been discussion on whether the proliferation of photo blogs and rise in popularity of the genre has been beneficial to urban exploration as a whole. Vacant warehouses, factories, tower blocks, castles and cloisters increasingly serve as a playground for adventurous soldiers of fortune fascinated by dereliction and decay. However, some newcomers disregard the number one rule in the field of urban exploration: 'Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints.’
After a well-attended edition of Failed Architecture on the 9th of May, we decided to display the shadowy documentary 'Urban explorers: into the darkness'. The film elaborates on the fascination for derelict buildings and empty spaces, following a few members of an international professional subculture. Not all aspects of the urban exploring phenomenon were covered during the last edition of Failed Architecture, and with this next edition of Shadow Cities we hope to answer some of the unanswered questions. Of course, for those of you who couldn't be there on the 9th, this is the chance to get to know more about the rise of a relatively new genre in leisure activities and photography.