Jouke Kruijer

Apples and Pairs

Fri 18 May

Jouke Kruijer

door free | expo
17.00 - 19.00 | doors open 17.00

Audiences like to compare and select. America's Next Top Model, Masterchef, Voice of Holland are all based on this idea. Most of us cheer the winners and sympathise with the ones that have to go (and sometimes we cheer them too). But what does it really mean if we like one over the other? Do we really always get the best by eliminating the rest? You are invited to explore this further at "Apples and Pairs."

Jouke Kruijer has selected pairs of nudes and abstract works that show the touch of times past. They represent a period of farewells, new beginnings and the delicate joy of living. The next few weeks you can go through the experience of comparing and selecting yourself by 'liking' one painting over the other via this website. So, you co-create the selection at the exhibition. The most popular paintings will make it there. But will they be the ones that you like best...?

Exhibition "Apples and Pairs"
Date: May 18th and 19th
Time: from 17.00-19.00 hrs

Friday 18th: Vernissage
Saturday 19th: Opening (and closing). For this occasion Anne May de Lijser will dance a tribute