Patrice Bäumel


Catalog number: TRW1
Release date: 25-10-2010

VAPOUR is the debut album of producer and Trouw resident dj Patrice Bäumel, known for previous releases on Get Physical, Trapez, or !K7. It is the first release on Trouw, the label of Amsterdam’s famous and identically named club. The label’s focus will lie on challenging the status quo of today’s electronic dance music and going beyond being yet another provider of dj-friendly musical fast food. The physical cd release will contain a guestlist invitation to a Trouw event of choice in order to give the listener the total experience.

In spirit, VAPOUR is 100% techno, a continuous act of finding and losing balance, a collision of contrasting elements – man vs machine. It tells this dark story without words, instead it creates a universe that only loosely relates to the outside world, full of conflict and suspense. Abstract rhythms and soundscapes form an almost otherworldy backdrop to measured emotional outbursts. “I want this record to stimulate the listener’s imagination and leave room for him or her to fill in the blanks. Transparent, intangible, constantly moving. Hence the album title.”

Bäumel’s maiden album threads a fine line between club and living room. It is a timeless piece of listening techno, providing the kind of fluidity that works wonderfully on a car stereo, your iPod or in afterhour situations, with the odd dancefloor moment thrown in for good measure. The cd release will be in mixed format, the unmixed tracks will be sold online. A sneak preview can be found on

Patrice Bäumel - Vapour (TRW1)