Patrice Bäumel

Vapour (Remixes)

Catalog number: TRW3
Release date: 09-05-2011

While Bäumel’s “Vapour” album could best be described as headphone techno, the remix package is one for the DJ’s. We specifically selected artists from different musical backgrounds to help introduce the label to a broader audience. All of them are connected to Trouw and close to our hearts. Family matters!

Joris Voorn needs little introduction, he is Trouw resident dj and one of the best known and most successful artists in the club scene, a hit machine with the midas touch. His interpretation of “Vapour” is one of his deeper productions of recent times but with that same irresistable drive and roof-raising capability that is so typically Joris.

Petar Dundov has delivered a meandering monster of a mix – beautiful, mysterious and medieval like a dark and ancient fairytale. His ultrasparse use of percussion elements gives him that instantly recognisable sound that we all fell in love with when he graced Trouw with a live performance.

Nuno Dos Santos is not only one of Trouw’s most popular dj’s but has put his name on the producer map in a big way with his debut album on Compost and his recent string of remixes. His interpretation of “Tactile” is probably the most modern and experimental mix out of the three.

Three mixes, three directions. Pick your poison.

Patrice Bäumel - Vapour (Remixes) (TRW3)