Nuno dos Santos


Catalog number: TRW6
Release date: 07-05-2012

Trouw, the in-house label of Amsterdam's legendary club, proudly presents the debut release of resident dj Nuno Dos Santos. Nuno has already made a name for himself with a string of wonderful collaborations, such as his album “After Dark My Sweet” with production partner TJ Kong on Compost Records as well as a number of outstanding remixes. Applying his production talents to a solo release was the natural next move and “Hamming” certainly has been worth the wait. The three track e.p. is a thoroughly original package, crafted to stand the test of time.

“Hamming”, the title track, is emotional techno in its purest form, perfect for those moments on the dancefloor when everything falls into place, a warm blanket that wraps itself around you. Donato Dozzy's interpretation strips “Hamming” of its melancholy and replaces it with the sort of enigmatic deepness that has become the trademark of Italy's most relevant techno artist – hypnotic dubtechno dripping with analog darkness. On “Ottil Part 2” Nuno Dos Santos presents himself from his most jacking, ass-shaking side and delivers a new school stormer full of surprising twists and turns and filled with all kinds of live drum goodness.

Overall, “Hamming” is a worthy debut with a diversity that will make it a relevant and rewarding release for a broad audience.

Artwork of the Hamming EP is a close up picture of famous Amsterdam artist Delta's ongoing installation 'Subduction zones' which is on display in Trouw's basement floor called De Verdieping.

Nuno dos Santos - Hamming (TRW6)