De Verdieping

A special part of TrouwAmsterdam is the cultural foundation De Verdieping. This institute works independently and is focused on developing an art & culture programme for the visitors of the restaurant and club. After receiving the 24-hour permit, De Verdieping made it its goal to organize exhibitions of influential art and/or obscure cinema during the evening and nights in collaboration with a couple of prominent cultural institutes.
Hereby the conscious decision was made to display art that contrasts the raw décor of the building and the free-spirited character of the night. Visitors get a chance to wander through our building and discover new things as they go along. Night culture plays a subtle role in the works exhibited, although some contrarily bring up a contrasting subject, which reaffirms the relation between the two worlds.

Besides the collaboration with EYE and other cultural institutes, De Verdieping started a gallery with photography magazine GUP in the toilets of Trouw. Every three months a Dutch photographer gets the chance to exhibit their work. With this exhibition, De Verdieping tries to instigate a surprising and alienated feeling when you’re face-to-face with the picture in the cubicle.

Founded during the aftermath of the economic crisis, the goal of De Verdieping is to program as much culture as possible with the limited means available. With its open-source character everyone is welcome to contribute; cultural organisations as well as the public. De Verdieping is a place where students, artists, media specialists, architects, designers, bloggers and other cultural entrepreneurs can meet together and share ideas.

Trouw invites...

Trouw invites...

The serie Trouw Invites... follows the successful program of Stedelijk at Trouw, a series of exhibitions and performances originated from the already existing bond between Stedelijk Museum and TrouwAmsterdam in order to explore their common ground between the subjects of art, dance and club.

This time three International institutes take their turns filling the basement of TrouwAmsterdam with art.

Palais de Tokyo ( Paris) Beirut (Caïro) en New Museum ( New York) are inviting a representing artist to depict the themes of ‘transience’ and ‘impermanence’. The artist will develop new work specifically created fort his series of exhibitions, building up a total experience that brings to life the themes and specific context of the building in an entirely personal way.

Trouw Invites... will take place from June to December 2014, and every exhibition can be visited during the course of one month.

- June 3rd until August 3rd – Trouw Invites… Palais de Tokyo: Fouad Bouchoucha (Marseille, Frankrijk)
- September 4th until October 5th – Trouw Invites... Beirut: Rayyane Tabet (Ashqout, Libanon)
- November 6th until December 7th – Trouw Invites... New Museum: AUNTS (New York, USA)

Every exhibition will also have a grand opening with lectures, interviews, performances and music involving the theme and the artists.

at Trouw

at Trouw

This summer EYE is presenting a big exhibition about Federico Fellini, the leading master vital to the image of the postwar Italian cinema. Visitors of our restaurant or club can now also submerge themselves into the wonderful world of Fellini, the creative force behind the films La Strada, La Dolce and 8½. In collaboration with EYE, Toby Dammit (1968) by Fellini will by shown from July 19th until July 28th in De Hal. Toby Dammit is the third part of the trilogy Histoires Extraordinaires from 1968, which furthermore consists of the segments Metzengerstein by Roger Vadim and William Wilson by Louis Malle. Entrance is free.

Credits Toby Dammit
Regie: Federico Fellini
Cast: Terence Stamp, Salvo Randone en Anne Tonietti
Muziek: Nino Rota
Camera: Giuseppe Rotunno
Montage: Ruggiero Mastroianni
Productiedesign: Piero Tosi

About the Contemporary Art Club Exhibitions 2013

The Stedelijk Museum, De Verdieping and TrouwAmsterdam present three series of large-scale video installations in which elements from club culture are staged, documented or used as a source of inspiration, with the title Contemporary Art Club. The selected works by leading artists are concerned with subcultures in nightlife. The often-physical experiences of movement in dance, as well as the experience of time and space, have a central place in all the works.

These works are in most cases presented in the white space of a museum or gallery. But for the Contemporary Art Club, the images of the club scene temporarily return into the environment from which they appear to be derived: the environment of the nightclub.

This contrast between a club and a museum becomes amplified because a great deal of attention has been devoted to typical museum characteristics - the way it has been set up, the cleanly painted projection walls, the carpet on the floor, and the famous Stedelijk seats by Martin Visser. The context of a club, however, so completely different from the ‘neutral’ museum space, generates a surprising perspective on the works.

The exhibition can be visited both during the evening and at night. This emphatically provides two different experiences of the exhibition. One during the busy ambience of the clubnight, the other during the evening after diner when the building functions as an (alternative) exhibition space.

Exhibition dates:
1st edition: September 5th until September 14th
2nd edition: October 31st until November 9th
3rd edition: November 28th until December 7th

Special program every Thursday (September 5th, October 31st, November 28th)


The program of the foundation De Verdieping is make possible by: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, SNS Reaal Fonds, Gemeente Amsterdam, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, Wibaut a/d Amstel, Stedelijk Museum, EYE, TrouwAmsterdam, Jameson, Beam Systems & UWS.