The spotlight on our staff

Our communications and marketing manager Kyara

The spotlight on our staff

18-12-2014 | 13.44

Trouw is temporary and will close her doors forever on January 3rd. Trouw wouldn’t be the meeting place and breeding ground that it is today without the people working there day and night. This series puts various Trouw employees in the spotlight. From the light people, to the door host: all nodes of Trouw will see their place on the pedestal. Today: Kyara - communications and marketing manager at Trouw.

Kyara has been responsible for marketing, communications and PR since 2011. 'Frans and I form the small team that keeps the communications ball rolling. I maintain and monitor Trouw’s identity across all communication channels, such as the website, Facebook, Twitter and newsletter.'

Kyara has been putting in a lot of time working on events too, such as Nacht Bazaar, Ontrouw, De Raad van 11 and recently The Trouw Book. 'I don’t call it work. Of course I put in long hours, but I can hardly call my work a burden. It's great that my role at Trouw allows me to enjoy great DJ sets and gets me thinking about how best to communicate the essence of specific club nights and Trouw's identity as a whole. It's excellent to get to work with genres I love or to do a deep-dive into music I'm less familiar with. The process allows Trouw to sharpen my music taste and vice versa. Before I started working here, I was a regular at the Viral Radio nights. Even though my roots lie in film, I’ve been attending anything with a Warp, Ninja Tune or Raster-Noton signature on it for years. My pallet varies pretty extensively though, with a love for artists as diverse as Sonic Youth, Radiohead and Matthew Herbert.'

Whilst Kyara spends four days a week at the office, the job continues day and night. 'Trouw’s PR is a round-the-clock thing. So yeah, 24/7 also means Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Frans generally takes on the tasks in the weekend, but I tend to keep on eye on everything and there are always last minute things that need doing. I'm a bit of a control freak, so one of the first things I do in the morning after a club night, is read the report by the club manager on how things went. That, and checking the reactions on Facebook. It might sound strange, but I get a sense of relief when I know that everyone had a good time.'

'And after Trouw? I'm not sure yet. I'm constantly in contact with Trouw's audience and I am certainly going to miss that.'

Text: Dennis de Vogt
Photography: Ramona Deckers