The spotlight on our staff

Our general manager Kim

The spotlight on our staff

21-12-2014 | 13.11

Trouw is temporary and will close her doors forever on January 3rd. Trouw wouldn’t be the meeting place and breeding ground that it is today without the people working there day and night. This series puts various Trouw employees in the spotlight. From the light people, to the door host: all nodes of Trouw will see their place on the pedestal. Today: Kim - general manager at Trouw.

Kim earned her partying stripes in Richter’s clubbing scene − a place she visited regularly going out and where one night, she decided to request Go by Moby. 'I went up to the DJ, but he said he didn’t have that track with him. He introduced himself as Dimitri and asked me if I wanted to go to the RoXY the following night; he promised to put me on the guest list and play the track for me then. From that moment on, we spent a lot of time together and eventually became friends. He didn’t live in Amsterdam yet, so I became a sort of safe haven for him. In turn, I went to the RoXY more and more because of him. It became my second home.' Not long after, sometime in the early 90s, Dimitri asked Kim if she wanted to manage his bookings. She accepted his offer and then business began to boom. 'So much so that I founded Barkers in 1995, just after a long trip through Asia and a short stay in San Francisco. Barkers was one of the first DJ agencies in Holland. Operating within the boundaries of Barkers taught me a lot. Supervising DJs, travelling, being an entrepreneur and organising (often illegal) parties, and all during a time in which the electronic music scene was growing exponentially.'

'Being in clubs until the morning dawn, supporting DJs and networking began to take its toll on me. I wanted to expand my horizon. After a couple of brief trips outside of the walls of Barkers, Olaf came up to me and offered me an unknown position at Trouw. This was two years after they opened. The start-up had been rough and now that the rental contract was prolonged for three more years, they needed to improve the structure of their organisation. I have been the head of business at Trouw ever since, involved in the day-to-day business behind the scenes. I am responsible for the management team and thus internal communication. For the past years, I have also been functioning as the executive manager of the cultural foundation De Verdieping, which organises Trouw’s art projects.The diversity of the two jobs means that every day is a challenge and gives me the feeling that there’s still room for personal growth.'

Text: Dennis de Vogt
Photography: Ramona Deckers