The spotlight on our staff

Our door host Cristel

The spotlight on our staff

09-12-2014 | 16.49

Trouw is temporary and will close her doors forever on January 3rd. Trouw wouldn’t be the meeting place and breeding ground that it is today without the people working there day and night. This series puts various Trouw employees in the spotlight. From the light people, to the door host: all nodes of Trouw will see their place on the pedestal. Today: Cristel - door host at Trouw.

Cristel doesn’t mince her words: working on the door can be tough. 'If you don’t fit the Trouw profile, there’s a big chance that you won’t be let in. Your attitude determines to a large extent whether you get in or not. I want people inside to be able to be themselves. And that means you want people around you who understand that. That’s why I feel a certain responsibility towards the guests. Some people don’t respect my decision and are rude or nasty if I refuse them. Of course I understand that, but there’s really a reason for it, we’re all trying to protect the Trouw feeling.'

Cristel has been DJing too for four years. 'I play old records in bars and pubs, rock 'n' roll, soul and blues. Particularly those forgotten records from the past, the kind of tracks that make people just get up and dance. I started at home when friends came around to visit. But at a certain point your living room starts to get a bit small.' Besides this, Cristel is building up her own jewellery line. 'It started with my own line of shoes, in which I could invest my energy. Shoes became jewellery and for the last one and a half years I’ve been supplying customers and shops all over the world. I forge the silver myself and go looking for the objects that I incorporate into my jewellery in the strangest of places. This work is a great contrast to the chaos of the club.'

Text: Dennis de Vogt
Photo credit: Ramona Deckers