Photography at the Art Bazaar

by De Fotomeisjes, GUP Gallery, Jordi Huisman, Martijn Savenije, Menno Kok and Ramona Deckers

Photography at the Art Bazaar

03-12-2014 | 12.47

Throughout the years, we’ve worked with plenty of photographers to create fun projects and various exhibitions throughout the building. With the prospect of the Art Bazaar on Thursday December 11, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to invite De Fotomeisjes, GUP Gallery, Jordi Huisman, Martijn Savenije, Menno Kok and Ramona Deckers to exhibit various photos and sell some of their work.

De Fotomeisjes will exhibit a large collection of the pictures they’ve made at our club nights and cultural events throughout the years. You can order all of these pictures in various sizes and shapes at their stand. They’ll also have several cases filled with pictures which you can take home with you for free, as long as you’re on the picture!

Since 2012 GUP Magazine showcased various photographers at our restrooms. During this period various projects were on display and with one goal: pleasing the toilet-visiting-clubgoers during whatever it is they perform in the cubicles. Since the restroom will shortly leave us, now is the chance to own a unique piece of toilet-art. Limited, affordable and.... art!

Jordi Huisman will show some of the photo’s from his Rear Window, Going Elsewhere and Being Anywhere series. You might even have seen the first serie of pictures in Trouw; they’re located near the restaurant and in the hallway next to the upstairs toilets. Jordi will also incorporate in his exhibithion several pictures made in Rome, Paris and Singapore in the same style as his iconic Amsterdam pictures. At the Art Bazaar, you can buy his work for a fraction of the normal prize.

Photographer Martijn Savenije recently shot several photo essays for The Trouw Book. He captured Trouw - in front and behind the scenes - in a way you rarely get to see it: empty. Even though the rooms are empty, they still convey that characteristic Trouw vibe. Martijn also visited a couple of nights in Trouw and took pictures of some of our regular visitors. Don’t expect any party-pics, but a fascinating look at the uniqueness and diversity of our visitors. Savenije selected a couple of special pictures, which will be available to purchase at the Art Bazaar in a limited amount of 100.

Ramona Deckers will be exhibiting her new serie Made In The USA. This series contains blown up Polaroids which she shot overseas this year. They look creamy and sunny - as though they were taken in a different era. She’ll hang out three bigger Polaroids and ten smaller ones (the size of a record cover). All of these pictures are ready to order in a size to your liking.  

On December 11, Menno Kok will show his analogue series One and 101. The featured work is the result of a two year serendipitous process. A journey, on which Menno rediscovered the traditional craft of photography, and experimented with a self-made camera obscura. One of the pictures from the serie One (black and white picture of the naked lady on the right) can also be viewed in our upstairs toilet next to the restaurant. Menno will simultaneously be selling signing copies of his work.

So if you’re looking for one (or more) picture to hang on your wall or to wrap up as a Christmas gift, the Art Bazaar is just the place for you! Entrance is free and doors open at 18.00.

Made possible by Fotolab Kiekie.

Banner photo: © Martijn Savenije
First photo on the right: © Jordi Huisman
Second photo on the right: © Menno Kok