Opening Trouw Invites... New Museum

Opening Trouw Invites... New Museum

22-10-2014 | 14.39

The last edition of Trouw Invites... has arrived! Together with The Stedelijk Museum, we proudly present the final edition of the exhibition series Trouw Invites…, featuring the immersive moving-image installation AUNTSforcamera, which is made by the art collective AUNTS and co-curated by the New Museum in New York City.

AUNTS operates as a choreographic apparatus for organizing simultaneous performance and art activities in a shared space. It is based in Brooklyn, NY where it hosts an ever-growing community of artists. This fall, the New Museum, in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum and Trouw, is organizing a special international dance-for-camera edition of AUNTS as part of the Trouw Invites… exhibition series. The project AUNTSforcamera unfolds publicly through an open-studio production week at the New Museum (which took place on September 10 - 14, 2014), shared simultaneously by all participating artists and resulting in new dance-for-camera works exhibited as an immersive moving-image installation here at Trouw (November 6 - 30, 2014) and the New Museum (December 17, 2014 – February 15, 2015). The exhibition presents new work by Cara Francis, IMMA/MESS, Vanessa Justice, Anya Liftig, Karl Scholz, Larissa Velez-Jackson, Gillian Walsh, Collective Settlement (Felicia Ballos, Jean Brennan, and T. Charnan Lewis), and collaborators Salome Asega, Chrybaby Cozie, and Ali Rosa-Salas, most of whom have never exhibited in Amsterdam before.  

Select works contained within AUNTSforcamera include: an interactive game utilizing hacked Kinect software to reward players for learning the original Harlem Shake dance; an interactive social media platform featuring a downloadable app to accumulate eight-second viewer-generated dance videos into a single-channel loop; and a single-channel video combining hand-dances and interviews with aerial footage shot by an AR-Drone flown inside the New Museum Theater.

The opening of Trouw Invites… New Museum: AUNTSforcamera kicks off with a special transnational event on November 6th entitled AUNTSforcamera BYOC! (Bring Your Own Camera! - Where the Audience Controls the Frame), performed in the New Museum Theater and transmitted to Trouw via livestream, where the camera will be controlled by the New York audience. For this program, fifteen artists, including AUNTSforcamera participating artists, will share a selection of short, long, and durational performances, arranged and coupled in different unrehearsed combinations. During the last two hours of the night, our resident Elias Mazian will play a DJ set here at Trouw, which will also be displayed at the New Museum. Earlier in the evening at Trouw, opening remarks by Trouw Invites… and New Museum curators (Hendrik Folkerts, Stedelijk Museum; Johanna Burton, New Museum; Travis Chamberlain, New Museum) will precede a discussion about the project with the organizers of AUNTS.

Opening Thursday November 6th, 20.30.
Entrance fee 10 euros
Students 5 euros

The exhibition Trouw Invites... New Museum: AUNTSforcamera can be visited for free after th eopening on November 6th untill November 30th, from Tuesday through Thursday between 17:30 and 22:00. On Friday and Saturday, the exhibition will only be accessible to visitors of the club or restaurant.