Anthony McCall's Line Describing a Cone

EYE at Trouw

Anthony McCall's Line Describing a Cone

25-09-2014 | 10.11

After Federico Fellini's Toby Dammit, Hopscotch by The Brothers Quay and the Cinema Remake, EYE at Trouw is back with a final exhibition in our building. From October 9th to 19th, we will exhibit Anthony McCall's Line Describing a Cone in De Hal during club and restaurant hours alongside the McCall exhibition in EYE.

Line Describing a Cone van Anthony McCall

Since the 1970s McCall has produced a remarkable body of work that includes drawing, performance and – most importantly for this exhibition – large-scale light projection installations, so-called solid light films. These sculptural light projections are at once minimalist in form and magical in effect, theoretical in essence and visceral when experienced. The solid light films are in a permanent state of flux, consistently refusing to be classified by the confined categories of art history, such as ‘sculpture’ and ‘film’. This is also the case with one of his earlier works entitled Line Describing a Cone (1973).

Line Describing a Cone
 is made from a beam of white light emitted from a film projector positioned at one end of a darkened room. Passing through the projector is an animated film of a thin, arcing line that, frame by frame, gradually joins up to become a complete circle. Over the course of thirty minutes this line of light traces the circumference of the circle as a projection on the far wall while the beam takes the form of a three-dimensional hollow cone. Mist from smoke machines gives the beam of light a greater density, making it appear almost tangible.

Our resident Young Marco made an soundscape especially for this installation based on the Shepard Tone whereby the sounds suggest descending and ascending notes. The soundscape communicates with the formation of the circle in a peculiar way. The soundscape and the film aren't perfectly synchronized which causes the installation to have no real ending and the experience to seem infinite.

You can visit the piece of Anthony McCall during club and restaurant hours from October 9th to 19th in De Hal. Entrance is completely free.