All four releases of SoHaSo

for sale in our Nightshop this Saturday

All four releases of SoHaSo

04-09-2014 | 14.55

Nuno dos Santos' Something Happening Somewhere label will be hosting a new edition of their club night here in Trouw on Saturday. With their fourth EP that has just been released (Sigward - Black Mambo), they thought it would be nice to sell a couple of their releases on the night itself so you can take home a cool gift for yourself or someone else!

Which releases will SoHaSo be selling?
Love Over Entropy - Off the Grid EP (SoHaSo 001)
Mayaku - Bushwalking EP (SoHaSo 002)
Presk - Babou EP (SoHaSo 003)
Sigward - Black Mambo EP (SoHaSo 004)

There will be two copies of each release for sale in our Nightshop for €10 a piece, so grab your copy of your favorite release this Saturday!