The complete line-up for our last ADE!

The complete line-up for our last ADE!

13-08-2014 | 11.18

Trouw only has a couple of more months left, which means that the final edition of Amsterdam Dance Event is coming up for us! From October 15th to October 20th, you can enjoy ADE right here in Trouw with beautiful line-ups containing your favorite residents, label and international partners one last time. Our program will feature both national residents like Sandrien, Job Jobse, Tom Trago and Motor City Drum Ensemble, but also a string of foreign artists like Talaboman (John Talabot & Axel Boman), Four Tet, Ben UFO, Recondite, Mano Le Tough and Jon Hopkins. Furthermore, the labels Rush Hour and Clone will both host a separate night and Resident Advisor and Trouw op Zondag will dominate our ADE weekend like they did the last couple of years!

We'll start Amsterdam Dance Event with the best label/record store in Amsterdam: Rush Hour. In previous years, the label was also present here at Trouw, this time they’re taking over both rooms. Ron Trent and Traxx, both cult figures and real originators from Chicago, are the two international guests of the night. Ron Trent released his first track ‘Altered States’ in 1992 when he was only a teenager, one of the absolute house classics of the nineties. In the years that followed, he paved the way for what is now considered as deep house with the label Prescription, which he co-founded with Chez Damier.
Traxx has acquired an extensive loyal fan base in Europa the last couple of years with his uncompromising way of playing. His mix of electro, new wave and influences from Detroit are always fascinating and if you’re patient, you’ll be reward with a musical journey that only he can provide.

The rest of the Rush Hour night will be completed by artists from the label itself and the hometown of Amsterdam. Young Marco recently released his debut album entitled Biology on the American cult label ESP Institute and was one of our most sought after resident in the past year. 
Hunee has recently move to Amsterdam and is a DJ that’s often compared with label boss Antal as both have a similar sound and level of versatility. No wonder that they’ll be playing a back-to-back set. San Proper is a well-known face not only at Rush Hour, where he released his debut album, but also at Trouw where he has his studio just next to his beloved downstairs area De Verdieping. San will open the night to eventually hand over the spot behind the decks to the young guns of Rush Hour: Interstellar Funk and Robert Bergman.

On Thursday October 17th, we will again host the sure-shot collaboration between Hessle Audio and Colors. Throughout the years, Cinnaman’s night Colors has often worked with and been inspired by the three men that founded the London label: Ben UFO, Pangaea and Pearson Sound. Hessle has always consisted of an interesting mix of genres and sounds. What starting out as dub step and the reminder of that genre, later on translated into releases somewhere in-between house and techno. This approach of combining genres and letting them clash, is exactly what Cinnaman and Colors are known for. Special guest is Midland, one of London’s rising stars. 

De Verdieping will host another influential Dutch label on Thursday: Clone Records. Of course under close supervision and curation of the excellent DJ and label boss Serge and long-time contributor Dexter. Added are guests are two relatively new names, which both recently released EP’s on the label: Leon Vynehall and Marquis Hawkes. Most people will know Leon Vynehall from his track Step Or Stone (Breathe Or Bone) and his debut album which was released Martyn’s 3024 imprint.
Marquis Hawkes might raise more questions than answers, but that has a reason. His identity is kept a secret as much as possible, focussing all attention towards his music. The result is a string of strong releases on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and Clone Jack For Daze. 

Friday October 18th is time for techno. And who better to host this night than Imprint and LET!
Sandrien’s Imprint nights are likely to be the most successful series of nights we have ever hosted at Trouw. In all these years, not only did she invite multiple (rising) stars, but has also become one herself along the way forging a growing international career and regular appearances at for instance Berghain. During ADE, Imprint will focus on the Dutch heroes. ROD, the techno alias of Benny Rodrigues, has created an international name for himself through his releases on Ben Klock’s Klockworks label and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. But most important of all: his DJ sets are out of this world. Another act of world class is Tripeo, the alias of Darko Esser: DJ, producer, label manager and also responsible for the club programming of the cultural stage Doornroosje in Nijmegen. Last but most certainly not least, Sandrien has invited young talent Qindek; a live act that played Imprint last year and left such a lasting impression that it earned him his place on this year’s Imprint line-up.

Les Enfants Terribles will make their first appearance in Trouw during ADE this year and will be bringing an all-star delegation of typical LET artists to De Verdieping. 
First on the line-up is Recondite; a live act that has created a truly unique style of mid tempo energizing techno. It was just two years ago that he played LET here in Trouw for next to nothing. Two years later, Resident Advisor placed him in the top 10 of best live acts of that year. Listening to his releases on labels like Innervisions and Dystopian, it’s not hard to see why. Up next are Luke Hess and Mike Servito, two American DJ’s who have mastered the delicate balance between house and techno and have left a long-lasting impression on the musical landscape of cities like Detroit, New York and Chicago. Local residents Jean Pierre Enfant and Viktor Palmer will complement the bill. 

For years, the Saturday of ADE in Trouw has been hosted by Resident Advisor, the world’s biggest independent online magazine for electronic music. The night excels in its simplicity: five names that will provide both areas with world class music. Upstairs a trio of Londoners: Four Tet, Jon Hopkins and Floating Points. All three can be called innovators in their own right. Floating Points is the DJ’s DJ: an artist who has no trouble switching from downtempo soul to house and back to where he started. Jon Hopkins is one of the most illustrious live acts of his time, destroying both festivals and club with his audacious live A/V show. Four Tet will close off the night: an artist we loved seeing in Trouw on previous occasions. A true musician who’s not afraid to experiment, but can also rock the house without making any concessions. These three men also happen to be close friends, so no lack of chemistry there.

RA will push the same agenda in De Verdieping, where two Germans will play all night long. The first is one of our newest residents: Motor City Drum Ensemble. Real name Danilo Plessow, he recently moved to Amsterdam from Utrecht. If you heard his set at ADE last year, you know he’s capable of making a room explode with his mix of obscure disco gems and banging old school acid. Beside Danilo will be an old-timer from Heidelberg: Move D. He’s been touring a lot the past year with Juju & Jordash as Magic Mountain High, but has a reputation of being one of Europe’s finest house DJ’s with touches of jazz and techno. That makes for two proper selectors, who will play De Verdieping until the late hours.

The fun does not end there. As is custom here at Trouw, we’ll turn Saturday and Sunday into a weekender of epic proportions. In the morning hours, two of our longest running club nights will take over: Trouw op Zondag and Drukpers. How late this night will end on Monday morning? Nobody knows!

Traditions are to be kept with a powerhouse combination of our national and international residents plus a bunch of good friends. This year’s line-up consists of Talaboman (John Talabot & Axel Boman), Mano Le Tough, Gerd Janson, Omar S, DJ Solar, Tom Trago, Job Jobse, Makam, The Love Triangle aka Elias Mazian, Luc Mast en Job Jobse, Melon, Boris Werner, Nuno Dos Santos, Patrice BäumelWilliam Kouam Djoko, Tsepo, Tim Hoeben and Olaf Boswijk. Looking back at the last couple of years, we feel that this is a list of names that embodies the iconic vibe of Trouw op Zondag almost perfectly.

Program Amsterdam Dance Event Special

Ron Trent (Prescription, Chicago)
Hunee & Antal b2b (Rush Hour, Amsterdam)
Young Marco (ESP Institute, Amsterdam)

Traxx (Nation, L.I.E.S, Chicago)
San Proper (Rush Hour, Amsterdam)
Interstellar Funk & Robert Bergman (Rush Hour, Amsterdam)

Door €20 // Presale €18 // Trouwe Honden €10 // Doors open at 22.00

Ben UFO (Hessle Audio, London)
Pearson Sound (Hessle Audio, London)
Pangaea (Hessle Audio, London)
Midland (Aus Music, London)
Cinnaman (Colors, Amsterdam) 

Leon Vynehall (3024, Clone, Portsmouth)
Marquis Hawkes (DABJ, Clone, Berlin)
Dexter (Clone, Dolly, Schagen)
Serge (Clone, Rotterdam)

Door €22 // Presale €20 // Trouwe Honden €10 // Doors open at 22.00

Sandrien (Imprint, Trouw, Amsterdam)
ROD (Klockworks, Rotterdam)
Tripeo live (Tripeo, Nijmegen)
Qindek live (Wolfskuil, Deventer)

Recondite live (Dystopian, Berlin)
Luke Hess (FXHE, Detroit)
Mike Servito (Bunker, New York)
Viktor Palmer (LET, Amsterdam)
Jean Pierre Enfant (LET, Amsterdam)

Door €22 // Presale €20 // Trouwe Honden €10 // Doors open from 22.00 to 12.00

Four Tet (Domino, London)
Jon Hopkins live (Domino, London)
Floating Points (Eglo, London)

Motor City Drum Ensemble (Raw Cuts, Utrecht)
Move D (Running Back, Workshop, Heidelberg)

Door €24 // Presale €22 // Trouwe Honden €12 // Doors open at 22.00

All Night, All Day and All Night Long
Talaboman – John Talabot & Axel Boman (DJ Kicks, Barcelona/Stockholm)
Mano le Tough (Maeve, Trouw, Berlin)
Gerd Janson (Running Back, Frankfurt)
Omar S (FXHE, Detroit)
DJ Solar (Sunset, San Francisco)
Tom Trago (Voyage Direct, Trouw, Amsterdam)
Job Jobse (Drukpers, Trouw, Amsterdam)
Makam (Dekmantel, Trouw, Amsterdam)
The Love Triangle aka Elias Mazian, Luc Mast & Job Jobse (Trouw, Amsterdam)

All Night, All Day and All Night Long
Melon (Ratio?, Trouw, Amsterdam)
Boris Werner (Voyage Direct, Trouw, Amsterdam)
Nuno dos Santos (SoHaSo, Trouw, Utrecht) 
William Kouam Djoko (Voyage Direct, Trouw, Amsterdam)
Patrice Bäumel (Black Magic, Trouw, Amsterdam)
Tsepo (Trouw, Amsterdam)
Tim Hoeben (Trouw, Amsterdam)
Olaf Boswijk (Trouw, Amsterdam)

Door €24 // Presale €22 // Trouwe Honden €12 // Doors open at 08.00