A chat between Tsepo & Tim Hoeben

A chat between Tsepo & Tim Hoeben

29-08-2014 | 17.14

The joint month of the young talented residents in Trouw is coming to an end. This Friday Tsepo (Jan van der Lugt) and Tim Hoeben will play at Trouw all night long. Tsepo upstairs and Tim downstairs, in De Verdieping. A couple of days ago, the youngsters talked this exciting night through, in preparation of things to come. How do they live up to this moment?

Tim: "What do you think, will people visit both rooms this Friday?
Jan: "I guess so. People will say: ’I am going upstairs and check out Jan, I don’t like this stuff downstairs’. That kind of reactions, haha”
Tim: "Yeah, or 'oh more Innervisions blabla upstairs, I am going to De Verdieping’, haha. Not but seriously, I am sure enough people will visit this night that we both know. Or people who are curious what we both will do on that night and will walk up and down.”
Tim: "Will our family visit the night as well, you think?”
Jan: "I asked my parents to bring my two sisters for a little while. Next to that I expect lots of friends. I have told people who are really close to my to leave me alone in the last three days prior to the gig. I want to lock myself up and prepare.”
Tim: "I totally understand. My parents will visit Trouw this Friday. Prior to the show the will have dinner at the restaurant at Trouw. After that they will attend my set for an hour. So that the can enjoy the experience. I would recommend this to your parents and sisters, if I were you. At 01:00h they will probably call it a night, haha.”

Jan: "Are you having dinner at Trouw Friday?”
Tim: "Yes, I have planned a chill and a good meal at Trouw before the show starts. If I eat at home I would get distracted. That’s not the best preparation. How about having dinner together that night?”
Jan: "Great idea, let’s do that. Next to that, I think I will have a peak downstairs during my set. I want to hear what you are doing, haha.”
Tim: "Let’s do that. I will put on Sascha Dive's remix of Melons track, sneak upstairs and have a listen during your set. Oh boy, I am excited. At first I was somewhat afraid. But this transformed into a lot of enthusiasm. I will check my complete record collection this week. Goal is to select those records that I always wanted to play, but never could in shorter sets. It’s a dream come true to play such a night, next to the fact that it’s at Trouw.”

Tim: "When I got asked to do this night I was off the moon. But I also was afraid I might not have enough interesting music. But not anymore. We have more great music than we think.”
Jan: "I had the exact same thing before, when I prepared longer sets. You might think you will run out of great music. But when you check your catalogue you are amazed by the stuff you have. So I am confident. Usually I tend to mix quite fast, so this is something to take in consideration. I did seven hour sets in Pand48 and in Enschede, so I know which mistakes I don’t want to make.” 
Tim: "I did seven hour sets as well. But that were back to back sessions. That’s different. I talked to Olaf and he told me when playing for seven hours you can easily play whatever you want. Your favorite music, all night long. Off course it is your duty to respond to the audience. But more than that, you should listen to yourself and play what you really love on such a night.”

Text: Dennis de Vogt