Grow you own aubergines

during Trouw's Last Summer

Grow you own aubergines

10-07-2014 | 13.57

It's Trouw's Last Summer! Also with the temporality of our restaurant in mind, it seemed fun to share one of our favorite dishes with you, so you can continue to enjoy Trouw for a bit longer. And what's more fun than growing your own vegetables at home? The aubergine is our "evergreen", it is always on the menu. We're ready dreading to miss the delicious aubergine by our chef Simo, so we thought it would be time that we teach you how to make it yourself. During Trouw's Last Summer you can pick up a free bag of aubergine seeds, peat tablet and a seeding description at our restaurant. Done growing your own aubergine? Then it's time to try the recipe below. Classics that has been on our menu a long time: eggplant with feta, parsley and garlic


6 aubergines, 1 spring of parsley, 2 cloves of garlic, the cest of a lemon, 2 dl of olive oil, 200 gram of feta, pepper and salt


Parsley sauce
Wash the parsley and put half of our sprigs in a kitchen appliance (or mixer) together with the garlic, the cest of a lemon and a splash of olive oil. Blend until fine. Put in the rest of the parsley and add olive oil whilst blending. Season with pepper and salt.

Roasting the aubergines
Cut in the skin of the aubergines from the stalk to the flesh of the aubergine. Make four small cuts across the length of the aubergines. Cover the aubergines with a drip of olive oil and a bit of salt. Roast the aubergines for 25 to 30 minutes in the oven at 220 degress. Let the aubergines cool down to a lukewarm temperature. The skin of the aubergines can now be removed easily.

The aubergines can be served both warm and at room temperature. Cut the aubergines at the stalk. Pour the parsley sauce over the aubergines and crumble the feta over. Enjoy!