Win the ultimate Nachtdigital package!

at the Pinksteren Weekender

Win the ultimate Nachtdigital package!

01-06-2014 | 15.32

Nachtdigital will return to Trouw on June 8 during the Pinksteren Weekender. To highlight our friends and their amazing festival, we will be giving away an awesome Nachtdigital package during this wonderful Weekender!

The attention to the German festival Nachtdigital near Leipzig has been growing exponentially every year and we know why. The atmosphere, the togetherness, the idyllic lake: they make for images that we won't forget and feelings hard to explain to someone else. Luckily, our good friends of Nachtidigital come over to Trouw every once in awhile; of course always with Steffen Bennemann, de founder of the festival. This time, Nachtdigital will be part of our Pinksteren Weekender where they'll take on the Sunday together together with LET and artists like Manamana, Eric Cloutier, Awanto3 and Jean Pierre Enfant.

But what is there to win? At the Pinksteren Weekender with LET, Aspirations en Nachtdigital, we're giving away a super deluxe Nachtdigital package containing:

- 1x2 tickets for Nachtdigital from August 1 to 3 in bungalowpark Olganitz
- 1x2 bus tickets to Nachtdigital provided by Maximal
- 1x2 custom made Trouw bathrobes to wear at the festival

There'll also be a second prize in the shape of 1x2 tickets for Nachtdigital! Not to shabby, right?

What do you have to do to win? During the Pinksteren Weekender Sunday Brunch there will be a sign-up list at the restaurant bar from 12.00 to 15.00 for everyone who wants to win this Nachtdigital prize. Note down all your information and we will announce the two lucky winners through the use of a lottery system after 15:00. See you on the 8th!