Palais de Tokyo is coming to Trouw!

Palais de Tokyo is coming to Trouw!

12-06-2014 | 13.48

Together with the Stedelijk Museum, we are happy to present the series Trouw Invites…, for which we invite three international art institutions to work with us: Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Beirut (Cairo) and New Museum (New York). There’ll be three exhibitions in our basement area ‘De Hal’ from July until December 2014. The monumental space will serve as the stage for this unique collaboration in an environment where visual art and club culture confront each other head-on.

During the first edition of Trouw Invites… we’ll welcome the art institution Palais de Tokyo (Paris). Curator Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel has invited the artist Fouad Bouchoucha to represent the themes of transiency and temporality in De Hal, because with the end of Trouw in sight, these themes are starting to play a major role for us.

For the exhibition of Trouw Invites… Fouad Bouchoucha (1981, Marseille, France) will create a new piece called Landscape (2014): an installation that invites the public to penetrate an unusual
and mysterious environment. The viewer is facing a constant and dense landscape of fog that forbids any visibility. Fouad Bouchoucha, inspired by the unachieved novel Le Mont Analogue (1944) by René Daumel, is thus using the imagination of each individual stepping in the installation. Landscape is a work that operates as a time catalyst and it uses to memory of its viewers; a landscape of images from the past, invisible to the naked eye, but tangible for the viewer.

To kickstart the exhibition, we’ll host a grand opening on Thursday July 3rd, hosted by Hendrik Folkerts (Curator, Stedelijk Museum). There’ll also be a lecture by Jean de Loisy, Director of Palais de Tokyo and artist Fouad Bouchoucha will be interviewed by curator Rebecca Lamarch-Vadel. Additionally, Palais de Tokyo will organize one of their infamous nightly parties at Trouw.

The Trouw Invites... Palais De Tokyo exhibition can be visited up until August 3rd from 17.30 to 22.00. Between 23.00 and 03.00, the exhibition will only be accessible to visitors of the club or restaurant.

Program Trouw Invites...

- July 3 to August 3 – Trouw Invites… Palais de Tokyo: Fouad Bouchoucha (1981, Marseille, France)
- September 4 to October 5 – Trouw Invites… Beirut: Rayyane Tabet (1983, Ashqout, Lebanon)
- November 6 to November 30 – Trouw Invites… New Museum: AUNT Performance Collective (New York)