Food and much more!

Food and much more!

17-06-2014 | 12.32

When thinking about a Food Bazaar, you’re probably thinking about cuisine. And that’s correct, because we’ve got burgers, pizzas, Korean food, vegan, gluten-free, ice cream, sweets, cheese, drinks and so much more… But there’s more you can do with food than just fill your belly. We previously wrote about the Food Chain Installation by Itamar Gilboa, which you can view on the vide in our building. Here are some more highlights on June 19th which you can use to fill the time in-between eating all those delicious items.

Short food films with Cineville
The Food Bazaar is not only there to tickle your taste spuds. In the Cinevan, the tiny mobile cinema of Cineville, you’ll see touching, bizar and magical short films with food as their covering theme. Passing the revue will be shorts about food and starring food. Expect energetic short films and some shocking ones. Illustrators Saskia Haex and Marianna Lock will print cotton bags via silk-screen method and if you visit the Cinevan with your Cineville card, you’ll get one of their bags for free (gone=gone).

New and old episodes of De Wilde Keuken
Wouter Klootwijk travels all around the country to hear the stories behind different types of food and their production methods. He swapped his kitchen for a portable cabin and he’s been traveling through the Netherlands with De Wilde Keuken crew since 2010. Together they visit farmers, bakers, butchers, fishermen and chefs who provide the show with the most delicious delicacies and stories. You can watch new and old episodes of De Wilde Keuken at our upstairs club stage.

Shopping for new kitchen appliances at In My Kitchen and Reset SlowJuicers
In order to be able to cook well, you also need the appliances to match your ambition. In My Kitchen has had a spacious cooking store in Amsterdam Oud-West since 2005. On Thursday June 19th, they’ll bring nice kitchen gear, but also handy gadgets and original gifts from different parts of the world to the Food Bazaar. From silky smooth Australian olive oil to Flamish champagne vinegar, but also professional kitchen appliances, cookbooks and cutlery. They’ll be accompanied by Reset SlowJuicers, who (you guessed it) will sell and demonstrate several slow juicers. You can also taste some of the juices made with their appliances!

Cookbooks of the Kookboekenhandel and the American Book Center
The Kookboekenhandel (since 1977!) has been a household name for years amongst many foodies. They have an extensive collection of cookbooks which they order from all over the world. Kitchens from different parts of the globe in all types of languages, really something extraordinary. 
American Book Center will bring several Do-It-Yourself cookbooks teaching you how to ferment, juice or brew your own beer. You’ll also find books of vegan food and plenty more!

Blaumaschine designs vegetables
Design studio Blaumaschine was founded in October this year and has skyrocketed to a high capacity. Dirma Janse and Carlijn Seves both studied at the ArtEZ School for the Arts in Zwolle where they graduated in 2012, Carlijn as an illustrator and Dirma as a graphic designer. Carlijn combines her painting with photography and Dirma is fascinated by the web and her countless possibilities through her work as a web designer. Together they see the creation of a website like telling a story or making a piece of art. Dirma and Carlijn strive to create a world that completely fits their client's needs. Besides the design studio, they also run a webshop and organize exhibitions on a regular basis. At the Food Bazaar, they’ll bring with them: post cards from the series 'Ode aux Légumes' and 'Ode aux Fruits’, recipe cards, tomatoes and pepper plants including recipe.

You’ll find this and much more at the Food Bazaar on Thursday June 19th. After the Food Bazaar, you can subsequently go dancing at the Huis Rave special by Boye & Roel upstairs in the club hall. See you then!