Trouw Invites...

Palais de Tokyo, Beirut and New Museum

Trouw Invites...

27-05-2014 | 16.35

Great news! Together with Stedelijk Museum, we will be presenting the serie Trouw Invites… in collaboration with the three international art institutes; Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Beirut (Caïro) and New Museum (New York). From July to December 2014, there’ll be three exhibitions in our basement area De Hal. This monumental space will serve as the stage for a unique cooperation in an environment where the visual arts and club culture will confront each other head-on.

We will close our doors on January 1st 2015 together with the cultural foundation De Verdieping. In the past five years we tried to do our best to create an internationally renowned and innovative club, exhibition and public program. With the end in sight, themes such as transiency and temporality are starting to play a big role. But the end will not go over silently; that's not how we roll.

The serie Trouw Invites… will be organized following the successful program of Stedelijk at Trouw. This sequence of exhibitions and performances originated from the already existing bond between Stedelijk Museum and TrouwAmsterdam in order to explore their common ground between the subjects of art, dance and club. 
It’s now the turn for three other institutions to fill our basement with art. The three institutions will each invite a visual artist who will represent the themes of transiency and temporality in their work. The artists will create a complete new experience in order to activate the themes and specific content of the building. By doing this, they will create entirely new works that will be specially designed for this exhibition. 

Trouw Invites… will take place from June to December 2014, and every exhibition can be visited during the course of one month.

- June 3rd until August 3rd – Trouw Invites… Palais de Tokyo: Fouad Bouchoucha (Marseille, Frankrijk)
- September 4th until October 5th – Trouw Invites… Beirut: Rayyane Tabet (Ashqout, Libanon)
- November 6th until December 7th – Trouw Invites… New Museum: AUNTS (New York, USA)

Every exhibition will also have a grand opening with lectures, interviews, performances and music involving the theme and the artists. The first opening will take place on Thursday July 3rd. The full program of this night will soon be announced.