Martyn asks Steffi, Steffi asks Martyn

Martyn asks Steffi, Steffi asks Martyn

22-05-2014 | 11.12

It's always a joy to have Steffi and Martyn back in our building. Both are Dutch as can be, but living abroad for quite some time now in Berlin and Washington. With their allnighter this Friday, the two did a interview with each other for our blog about their Dutch connection, upcoming work, living abroad and just some good old banter. 

Martyn asks Steffi:

Dolly / Dolly Dubs have both been going very strong in 2013/2014 and you have been busy in the studio yourself - can you update us on whats coming up?  
"I am working on my second album for Ostgut Ton at the moment. I took quite some time off in summer to finish this around the end of July. It's a very exciting phase as I moved into my new studio last year. I'm now working with a whole new set up, which has much more options production-wise, so I'm pretty hooked on being in that room a lot, as it's just so much fun. Besides that, I have done a few collaborations with other artists this year, which I'm very excited about. That actually brings me to talk about Dolly. The first records coming up are tracks that I did with Dexter a while ago and they are finally getting to see daylight! Both Brooks Mosher and Basic Soul Unit will be back with a new 12" inch this year and John Barera & Will Martin have just finished a full length album for Dolly, so we are definitely on a move here!"

You have been an expat living in Berlin for a good few years now, how do you view going back to Holland to play there?
"It's always nice to be back, as I feel a strong support coming from Holland and that is a very precious thing for me. The scene has developed rapidly over the last couple of years with lots of new club nights and festivals, so there is a lot of reception for the music I like to play too. On top of that, it's always a bonus to see my friends at the same time."

Top 5 Dutch things you miss the most? 
- André Hazes
- Haring
- Decent fries with mayo
- Slappe Klets
- But most of all, I miss people being straight forward. Dutch people are well known for that and I really miss that living in Germany.

Your 3 favorite Dutch words? 
- Dag meid
- Zalig
- Kut

Living in the US, I completely missed the Eurovision Songfestival 2014! Can you give me a summary?
It was so exciting! Austria had the fabulous Conchita Würst competing, a drag queen with beard in full effect, which was of course too much for some narrowminded people/countries in this world. She turned out to be very successful and won the competition, much to everybody's surprise. I thought that was quite a unique thing to happen after the whole anti-gay turbulence that has been going around lately. Holland won the second place with an amazing singer-songwriter duet. I never thought I would enjoy watching this show after all these years of not being interested.

What record will you surprise me with if we would play back-to-back?
"De Rode Schoentjes."

Steffi asks Martyn:

Apart from finishing your third studio album, you recently produced a piece of music for the Rag & Bone Fashion Show in new york. Can you tell a bit more about the creative process of this 11 minute track?
"Yes, I was asked to soundtrack Rag & Bone’s men and women’s wear shows for last spring’s New York Fashion Week! It was a really cool thing to do, I love fashion and to do music for a runway show is very different than producing a club track. The dynamic of a show is a constant buildup to a climax (the best pieces are at the end of the show), and you need to do music that keeps the models stepping fiercely!"

What is the next level when it comes to making music? Any dreams, goals?
"I have so many more things to do! More albums, more collaborating with other great musicians, more cool projects away from the dance floor, more long DJ sets."

You released a track called “Be your own pupil” on your website and donated the money to the Holistic Life Foundation. Are there any other important cases you would like to raise awareness for in the future?
"Being a musician is about giving, not taking. To just tour the world, travel first class, getting free stuff, it’s so shallow. It’s important to do as much as you can for other people, whether within the “scene” or outside it. A lot of young people may not have the opportunities that I had growing up, and they need to be able to express themselves to develop who they are. So yeah, things like diversity, (music) education and equality are really important to me."

There have been a lot of changes in the dance scene over the last few years. Facebook seems to have a massive influence on one's DJ career. How important is social media to you?
"I have found it hard to figure out for myself what my boundaries are. I enjoy direct contact with people that love the music, but I also have a private life that I like to keep that way. Perhaps you get more followers when you put your heart and soul out there, but I don’t believe it’ll get you more people that love your music."

Trouw recently asked their visitors to reduce the use of mobile phones on the dancefloor. Are clubs allowed to set rules like this, or do we need to accept the fact that mobile phone use is part of every day life, no matter where you are?
"A club is not a public space, people always have a choice to go there or not, so yes I think a club can set that rule if they like to. I love clubs that have a policy like that, for DJ’s it makes a huge difference whether people are on the dance floor dancing and enjoying themselves and each other, or whether they’re dancing for Instagram. You should see the faces people pull when a camera comes near them, it’s like they completely forget where they are!"