Art installation during Muziekgebouw at Trouw

CircumSolar by Rebeca Méndez

Art installation during Muziekgebouw at Trouw

06-05-2014 | 13.39

As you know, we love to exhibit different types of art in our building. We recently were offered a chance to display a unique piece by Rebeca Méndez and we just couldn't say no to that. Coincidently, Ben Frost made the soundscape for her installation and Rebeca in turn designed the cover for Ben's 2009 album By The Throat. Therefore, it would only be fitting that Rebeca's work 'CircumSolar' will be exhibited on our tribune starting at Muziekgebouw at Trouw with Ben Frost on May 20th up until June 1st. 

CircumSolar, Migration 1 by Rebeca Méndez is a 26-minute video, first exhibited projected in a loop on an 8 meter circular screen on the beach of Santa Monica at GLOW 2013, a one night triennial art event visited by over 130,000 people. The exhibition here at Trouw represents the first time this work is shown accompanied by an exclusive composition by Ben Frost, who in the evening on May 20th will be performing his new album A U R O R A, for which Méndez designed the album cover.

CircumSolar, Migration 1, is based on the arctic tern, a small elegant sea bird that has the longest migration of all living beings on earth, flying from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back again each year. The arctic tern experiences two polar summers of 24-hour daylight each year, which makes it the one creature in the world that lives the most daylight. 

With the tern as its protagonist, CircumSolar looks to explore larger themes critical to our time, such as the natural force of migration; the ecological concern of anthropocene climate change and other man-made detritus; the geopolitics of the changing landscapes of the Arctic and Antarctic; and at the limit of what is known, the role of the archetypal explorer, who goes beyond the edge to bring back the boon to benefit all.

The first day of exhibition will be May 20th at Muziekgebouw at Trouw with Ben Frost. A very special occasion in the light of their earlier collaborations, so do check it out! CircumSolar is free to view for all visitors of our club and restaurant.