The videos of William Kouam Djoko

The videos of William Kouam Djoko

17-04-2014 | 11.06

Being the Resident of the Month is special. When we told William Kouam Djoko he would carry the title in April, he immediately send us a list of film material that are an important source of inspiration in his life.
We received a collection of videos, series and movies that made him the man he is today; which means video's that he just thinks are very cool, made by himself or inspire him as an artist. Multiple hours of film fun from William, for you!

- Michael Jackson - BAD (video)
- Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal live in Budapest
- Michael Jackson - MOONWALKER the movie, the all-embracing essence of life   

- WAR SCHOOL, a short documentary about child soldiers, from which William also sampled We Are Your Brothers & Sisters

- William Kouam Djoko - We Are Your Brothers & Sisters
- My Son the DJ starring William in the leading role

- Jackie Wilson - Reet Petit (this track was reissued when William was about 3 years old and he always wanted to drop through the floor like the clay puppet in the video)

- William Kouam Djoko - Deflourished  
- Network (1976)  
- Mel Brooks' History of the World part 2  
- Eddie Murphy - Delirious (16mins in, the bit on James Brown & Stevie)

- Dexter's Laboratory  
- Rembo & Rembo (who didn't grow up with these two guys?)
- Purno de Purno
- Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You
- Gene Kelly dancing with Jerry in Anchors Aweigh
- Neil Degrasse Tyson: Most Astonishing Fact About The Universe