Johannes Brecht’s quick rise into electronic music

Johannes Brecht’s quick rise into electronic music

10-04-2014 | 09.46

Johannes Brecht is the kind of musician you can easily become jealous of: able to play a plethora of instruments seemingly at ease and quite prolific at playing all of them.
He started playing music at 5 years old and stemming from a family of musicians, he hasn’t known a different life since that point forward. To get by, he started making music in a multitude of ways. “I studied music in Stuttgart and although I was very interested in every aspect, studio production is what fascinated me the most. That’s when I started dabbling in electronic music. I was a bandleader for Henrik Schwarz’ Instruments orchestra and at one time I played him one of my electronic productions. That was Holla.
Holla has since been released on Schwarz’ Sunday Music label. It was a big success and it has led to a great launch of Brecht’s career into electronic music. Most recently he remixed Mayaku’s Bushwalking for Nuno Dos Santos’ Something Happening Somewhere label. “I met Nuno at EKKO when I was playing Opkikker. He asked me if I wanted tot do a remix for his label and I did. It took some time before it was released, but that time has come. Now I am playing his label night next Saturday (April 12th) at Trouw Amsterdam.
It’s kind of curious how a classically schooled musician has been able to build a steady career in electronic music so quickly. “Well, I’ve visited clubs, so I know what kind of conventions apply. Nonetheless I still want to approach club music like a musician. I always play live and I like to start up a track very simple and then add elements. Of course, I use the conventions of club music, but I also like to play with them.
Another thing that stands out about Johannes Brecht is that he has done only a few releases, yet he has never done a podcast. “Yes, that’s correct, I don’t make podcasts. I want my productions to reflect my live performances, as I only play live. As for podcasts, that would only be possible if I do them exactly the same way as I do a live set, but that kind of defeats the purpose. A live set is live and I want it to be tied to a certain moment. You lose that when you put it on the internet at a later moment.

So electronic music is his latest successful endeavour into music, but what will the future hold for Brecht? “Right now I try to focus on doing what I do now, which is producing electronic music and performing live. I’m never sure what the future holds, because I always look for new challenges. I might release a jazz album very soon or maybe try something new. I don’t really plan too far ahead and see where inspiration takes me.

Text: Cédric Hooge