Bowling at Trouw

Extended until April 12th!

Bowling at Trouw

05-03-2014 | 11.21

Take a closer look and rub your eyes once more, because you’re reading this correctly: bowling in Trouw got an extended stay until April 12th! This means that the three professional bowling lanes of Club Lebowski in De Hal will stay for a little more than a month, where you and your friends can throw strikes, spares and gutterballs during restaurant and club hours!

Club Lebowski is a travelling pop-up bowling alley and capable to lay down three full-size bowling lanes on every location in the well-known ‘Big Lebowski’ format. In Club Lebowski, friendly employees will guide you to have you bowling in style alongside your friends. When it’s your turn, you get sexy bowling shoes and a game sheet, because you’ll obviously play to win.
How does it work? You can bowl in Trouw from Tuesday to Saturday from February 7th until April 12th. On these days, bowling is paid from 18.00 to 23.00 and free during club hours.
The paid bowling is calculated by the hour and with a maximum of 6 persons per lane. The costs for one lane are 10 euros per hour. You can buy 1 hour of bowling (or more) in our ticketshop by selecting the desired day and time.
The bowling alley will be opened from 23.00 to 01.00 during club hours on Friday and Saturday. You can register at the bowling alley for a maximum bowling time of 20 minutes.