Win a Trouwe Honden coin

with the Trouw Music Quiz at the Music Bazar

Win a Trouwe Honden coin

30-01-2014 | 18.02

As you probably aware of, the idea behind the Trouwe Honden coin is that we ask regular guests to become a Trouwe Hond. But we’ll be making an exception this Friday at the Music Bazar, because we’re giving everyone an opportunity to win a Trouwe Honden coin in the Trouw Music Quiz!

Trouwe Honden are able to enjoy a couple of nice advantages:

- You can always come in through the guest list entrance with a reduced rate of 10 Euro’s; even when the night is sold out.
- The Trouwe Hond can also take along one extra person; this person pays the same rate at the door.
So, what kind of questions should you expect on January 31st? The Music Quiz will consist of a mix of question related to the history of Trouw, information from our blogs and general knowledge of electronic music and the international club scene. We’ll hold two quizzing rounds; the first one at 19:00 and the second one at 21:00. The winners of the rounds will receive a Trouwe Honden coin. Be on time, because full = full!